P4 LED display screen best viewing distance a few meters good effect

Apr 09,2021| LED Knowledge

  What is the best viewing distance for P4LED display?How do we calculate that?In fact, LED display visual distance is no format calculation, but the impact of visual environment, such as air quality, weather and many other factors.

  Indoor P4 full-color LED display Best viewing distance:

  Minimum viewing distance: LED display visual distance = pixel spacing (mm) ×1000/1000

  The most suitable viewing distance: LED display best line-of-sight = pixel spacing (mm) ×3000/1000

  According to the simple formula above, it can be concluded that the minimum viewing distance of P4 full-color LED display is 4 meters, and the most appropriate viewing distance is 12 meters.

  P4LED displayP4LED display

  P4LED screen
P4LED screen

  Indoor LED display

  P4 indoor full color LED display product advantages:

  1. The P4 display adopts non-linear correction technology, and the image effect is fine and clear;The animation effect is vivid and diverse;The video effect is smooth, lifelike, no bright spot, no flower screen, no dead point, high brightness, low light decline, long life, good quality.

  2. The system is stable and reliable with strong anti-interference ability, and can work continuously for more than 72 hours. The operation interface of the control system software is humanized and easy to operate.

  3. The controllability of P4 indoor full-color display materials from production to finished products, from research and development to production, has become the guarantee of product quality and reliability;

  4.P4 full-color LED unit plate module joint: unit plate gap joint size is consistent, and ≤1㎜

  5.P4LED full color screen adopts standardized specification configuration, equipment and parts of the same specification in the system can be exchanged arbitrarily.

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  P4 LED screen accessories are adopted on the market the most stable parts, from the quality and price, the customer if not specified, we usually is to use an LED tube core light red, green and blue tube or Taiwan Taiwan wafer lei red pipe + silan pure green, pure blue, IC driver chip with Taiwan accumulate 5020, 5024 series, such as power with 200 w ChuangLian, rain control system with the spirit star brand, all the material is the test of time after a few years the brand, so users can be at ease use.

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