How to solve LED display flashing?

Apr 09,2021| LED Knowledge

  Although LED display flashing is not a big problem, but it is a headache, not only affects the quality of the broadcast picture, but also affects the user's mood, so what is the reason for LED display flashing?What's a good solution?

  LED display flashing reason:

  1. Driver loader is wrong.

  2. The cable between the computer and the screen is too long or the cable is faulty.

  3. The sending card is broken.

  4. The control card is broken. Please check whether the light on the control card is on.If it doesn't light up, it's broken.

  5. Whether the connection line between the power supply and the control card is short circuit.

  6. The output voltage and current of the power supply is not stable. The power supply with control card should not take too many boards.

  LED display flashing corresponding solution:

  If it is the whole screen flower point, figure shadow button, is generally the driver loader is wrong, recheck the driver loader, really not uninstall reinstall.

  Another possibility is that the sending card is broken and needs to be replaced.

  If the flicker is irregular, it is usually a system frequency problem.Replace the system, or adjust the setting parameters, basically can be solved!

  If it's a little bit of flickering state, it could be a problem with the graphics card driver, or the resolution setting of the sending card.

  Another possibility is power supply issues (power supply undersupply, information clutter, electromagnetic interference), and PCB design should take into account the power supply and signal routing wire diameter, as well as PCB manufacturing process.Adding a few capacitors to the module would also help.

  If it is accompanied by text flickering (irregular white edges around the text, irregular flickering, the text disappears), this is a graphics card setting problem, in the display properties unclick "show hidden under menu", "smooth edge transition effect".This kind of problem can be solved.

  The above is the LED display flashing reason, and LED display flashing solution, I hope to help you.

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