:What are the determinants of the price of outdoor advertising LED display?

May 12,2021| LED Knowledge

Outdoor advertising LED display screen is the current mainstream products of outdoor media, mainly used in government square, leisure square, large entertainment square, bustling business center, advertising information release card, commercial street, railway station, airport and other places.Outdoor advertising LED display mainly through the form of video broadcast to convey relevant information to the public, is currently one of the important sources of revenue for outdoor media advertising.Outdoor LED electronic screen media is the trend of the development of the advertising industry in the 21st century. It is an indoor and outdoor advertising display equipment with audio and video functions. 

It is an international leading high-tech product.This kind of equipment has a novel and unique appearance, and its area can be adjusted at will. It can not only play audio and video advertising programs, but also install fixed light box advertising spots on all sides. Now governments around the country encourage the use of outdoor LED screens, and cancel the approval of canvas advertising and light box advertising one after another.Outdoor LED screen is an ideal alternative product for canvas advertising and light box advertising.Therefore, outdoor advertising LED display screen is becoming more and more common in the eyes of the public.So, what are the factors that determine the outdoor advertising LED display price?

products of outdoor advertising LED display screen

What are the main products of outdoor advertising LED display screen?

1. Made of DIP lamp bead, the conventional name is outdoor direct lamp bead LED display, on behalf of the product models are, P8 outdoor direct LED display, P10 outdoor direct LED display, P16 outdoor direct LED display.

The main feature is high brightness, good waterproof effect.

The disadvantage is that the light bead height is not good enough to lead to the color difference of the screen body, the brightness consistency is not good, the viewing Angle is small and other problems, and can not make outdoor LED display with smaller dot spacing.

(Application of outdoor advertising LED display screen.)

2. Made of SMD lamp beads, the conventional name is to paste LED display screen on the exterior of the house, which is a popular product in the market at present. The minimum spacing can be P3.

As the RGB three-color package is in a lamp bead, it solves the problem of poor brightness and color consistency caused by the uneven height of the lamp bead inserted directly.

And SMD lamp beads can be made smaller, so it is possible to make outdoor advertising LED display to a smaller spacing, brightness can also meet the requirements of outdoor environment.

3. Outdoor advertising LED display although it is outdoor, but only outdoor viewing, installation is to be installed indoors.


Cost composition of outdoor advertising LED display screen:

1. Screen body: unit price of screen body includes: box body, module, power supply, connecting wire, etc.;

2. Control system: that is, the cost of the display receiving card and sending card, which is mainly based on the LED display model, width and height size. Generally speaking, the larger the area, the higher the density, the more the number of cards used.

3. Accessory equipment: distribution box, computer, audio amplifier, air conditioning, multi-function control card, lightning arrester, TV card and LED video processor, etc.

Some of the equipment users can also purchase locally, some of the auxiliary equipment can not be configured.

4. Outdoor advertising LED display player software: including computer system software, and display display to use LED video player software, etc.

5. Transportation: Entrust the logistics company to deliver the products to the local area, and the customer will pay the freight to the logistics company when picking up the goods.

6. Technical support: when the goods are delivered to the customer, most companies will send technical engineers to help guide installation and debugging for free.

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