In which areas is the led transparent screen suitable for use? what is the benefit?

May 13,2021| LED Knowledge

In recent years, with LED display the expansion of market demand in the industry and the continuous expansion of application fields, LED display products have shown a diversified development trend. As a rising star in the LED display industry, LED transparent screens are used in glass curtain walls, stage stage display, outdoor advertising and new retail with their advantages such as light and thin, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, and good permeability. , Is entering our field of vision in an eye-catching posture.

According to forecasts by relevant agencies, the market output value of LED transparent displays will be approximately 87.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. LED transparent screens, with brand-new application forms, leading development of technology, and design concepts that are close to the needs of the public, make it rise rapidly in a short period of time, and a new blue ocean market has emerged.

LED transparent displays

The new advantage of LED transparent screen, subvert the traditional display!

Outdoor advertising has always been the most important market for LED displays. However, in recent years, as the light pollution problem of LED outdoor advertising screens has gradually increased, and the structural safety of LED display screens have also attracted users' attention, the technical standards and installation approval of LED outdoor display screens have become more stringent by relevant agencies. Conventional LED outdoor advertising screens can brighten the city and release information during work. However, due to its steel structure, when the LED display is not in use, it stands in the middle and appears incompatible with the surrounding environment, which greatly affects the city. Beautiful. The LED transparent screen, with its high transparency, invisible installation, high-brightness display and other characteristics, just makes up for the defects of conventional LED display screens in this respect, and to the greatest extent eliminates the problem of urban aesthetics.

In the application process, the LED transparent screen is mostly installed behind the glass curtain wall. When it is not working during the day, it will not affect the surrounding environment in the slightest. At the same time, because it adopts a new form of indoor advertising and outdoor communication, it circumvents the approval of outdoor advertising.

Application fields of LED transparent screen :

1. Stage stage beauty: LED transparent screens can be diversified according to the stage shape, using the transparent, light and thin characteristics of the screen itself to produce a strong perspective effect, making the depth of field of the entire screen longer. At the same time, it does not hinder the stage design to leave the space for the lighting to hang and play, and to give the stage a certain atmosphere and dynamics, and to express the theme more.

2. Large shopping malls: The modern artistic beauty of the LED transparent screen is effectively combined with the shopping mall environment, which has a wide range of application prospects in shopping malls, glass partitions, etc.

3. Chain stores: The distinctive store image can attract consumers to stop and increase passenger flow. The unique design technique allows the transparent LED screen to replace the traditional external wall LED display of the store, and the richer and more vivid video advertisements make the store extremely cool and very eye-catching.

4. Science and Technology Museum: The Science and Technology Museum is an important scene for disseminating scientific knowledge. The transparent LED screen can be customized in special shapes to perceive the magic and mystery of technology.

5. Glass showcase: LED transparent screens have brought revolutionary changes to retailers, and are increasingly popular in the fields of building facades, glass showcase decoration, and interior decoration.

6. Construction media: Especially in the application of glass curtain wall construction, it has gradually become popular in recent years, and various solutions such as glass curtain wall and LED transparent sky curtain have appeared.

7. Leasing industry:More and more leasing industries tend to use transparent screens. The LED transparent screen products used for rentals need to be light in weight, thin in structure, and have functions of hoisting and quick installation. The entire screen is installed and unloaded by fast bolts to fix the screen, which can be accurately and quickly installed. And the screen can be disassembled, and different shapes can be assembled to meet the requirements of on-site modeling and display.

8. New retail creates an incremental market for LED transparent screens:In recent years, with the rise of the concept of "new retail", the digital signage industry represented by retail has expanded rapidly. LED transparent screens have played an important role in commercial retail windows, interior decoration, building facades and other fields, bringing new retail A huge change. As we all know, store window display is an important means for retail stores to display and promote products. The emergence of new retail will inevitably promote the development of the commercial display market, and at the same time, it has also created a certain incremental market for LED displays.

There is no doubt that LED transparent screens have become a dark horse in the field of LED display subdivisions, and its wide application is accepted by more and more users. This also indicates that innovation plays a key role in the LED display field. If LED transparent screens want to achieve further development in the commercial display field, they need to increase scientific and technological investment and innovation, and improve the products according to the terminal needs of the commercial display market. The expansion of transparent screens will gradually accelerate, and it is expected to become an important development direction for the display industry in the future.

LED transparent screen

What are the 5 advantages of LED transparent screen in the application field?

1. Modular design to create the size you need

It can be used to make small, medium, large and even super large LED screens without size limitation. In theory, no matter what size you build, the high-quality brightness, high resolution and transparency will remain the same. The lightweight aluminum module frame is perfectly designed to ensure perfect alignment when assembling the digital led signs.

2. Light transmission

The led transparent screen provides unparalleled transparency (55% to 93%). The traditional LED window display is like a dark wall, so shoppers can't see the things inside, and they block the sunlight, so your indoor area needs a transparent LED screen with good light transmission.

3. Lightweight and compact, feel different

Considering efficiency and functionality when designing, the transparent led display uses lightweight engineering aluminum and proprietary led technology. This means that the weight of the transparent led display module is only 10 kilograms per square meter, which makes them cost-effective to transport and easier and safer to assemble.

4. Easy to maintain

Your transparent led screen requires minimal maintenance. The led strip has a long life expectancy and can be replaced quickly and easily when needed, without the need to replace the entire module. As long as the repair is completed within a few minutes at a very low cost, your digital led sign will last for several years.

5. Easily update marketing content

It is very simple to program and update the led transparent screen (static graphics and video). For portable led poster displays, you can program the led display directly from the computer. For larger custom led displays (for example, walls, curves or cylinders), the control system unit connected to the computer allows you to do it when needed change. The intuitive software interface allows you to easily update the display in real time, remotely or in advance, so your logo is always up to date.

Analysis of pain points of LED transparent screen:

1. Damage to the lamp beads.

In the past, the LED transparent screen lamp beads were exposed to the outside, and it was easy to be damaged during the transportation process. In order to improve this problem, the LED transparent screen of Zhongrun Optoelectronics uses lamp bead glue and PC mask for protection. It can effectively prevent damage during loading and unloading.

2. The problem of outdoor waterproofing of transparent screens.

Most of the LED transparent screens on the market cannot be used purely outdoors, while the rental market is often used outdoors. It is common to encounter rain. Waterproofing becomes one of the transparent screens. The big pain point is that the special design of the power box through which the transparent LED screen of Zhongrun Optoelectronics passes, and the lamp bead filling glue, through continuous research and development and improvement of production links, can have real waterproof performance. Really solve the problem for Wumei LED transparent screen leasing.

In short: In the market where the rental demand for LED transparent screens is increasing day by day, through continuous improvement of technology, there will be more room for development in the future.JYLED  has launched the industry-leading LED outdoor waterproof transparent screen, private model industrial design, waterproof IP67, brightness 5000cd, anti-ultraviolet, with a mask, strong toughness, no fading and discoloration, and good transparency. It will appear on Hunan Satellite TV. , Zhejiang Satellite TV New Year's Eve Party. I believe that the LED transparent screen will be favored by more fields in the future!

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