What is the difference between P5 rental LED display and P5 regular screen ED display?

May 14,2021| LED Knowledge

In some commercial performances or large-scale party scenes, LED display the importance of the to the entire stage is self-evident. It can not only deliver clear stage performance images to the live audience and off-site audiences, and form a good interaction with the audience, but also add a colorful background to the performance and render the atmosphere of the live performance.


For companies that often hold events or performances, LED display rental is no stranger. These companies will choose some LED display leasing companies that they often cooperate with for leasing business cooperation. However, for the company's first event and performance, choosing the right rental company and product is a headache. Let us share with you the quality of stage rental LED displays and traditional screens.

LED display rental products need to be frequently loaded and unloaded and reused according to the place of use and stage scenes, so the portability and durability of the products and the professionalism of the installers are very high. In addition, the general rental screen cannot avoid the transportation link, so it must also have high shock resistance.

1. Product safety and damage resistance: According to the analysis of the installation environment of rental screens, LED displays generally adopt ceiling or wall-mounted installation. The use of these two installation methods has high requirements on the weight and safety of the rented LED display. Because the rental LED display needs to be stacked high, and the hoisting method requires the rental screen to be thin and light, and the connection must be firm, reliable, and easy to detect, so as to avoid potential threats to on-site personnel due to negligence in installation.

The rented LED display usually needs to be transported by car, ship or plane. During transportation, the corners and corners of the rental screen may collide due to collisions. In order not to affect the use effect, the rental screen must have a certain resistance to damage, so as to reduce the damage to the electronic components during transportation, so as not to affect the normal display function.

2. Convenient installation and disassembly: In order to ensure the safety and normal use of the rental screen, the rental screen generally needs to be equipped with a professional display installation team, but this will increase the customer's budget cost. Therefore, manufacturers should design products from the perspective of easy installation and disassembly, so that general installers can easily disassemble and assemble rental screens, reduce customer installation labor costs, and improve installation efficiency.

3. The LED display must have a professional maintenance and replacement team: when the rental screen has a partial display failure, the LED display rental screen must be partially detachable and replaceable, and must be replaced quickly to ensure normal performance. The leaser shall ensure the overall quality of the LED display during installation and use. Failure is inevitable. At this time, the lessor needs a professional repair and replacement team to respond to the emergency caused by the failure in time.

4. The control system is simple and easy to use: The LED display is a challenge for Xiaobai who has just touched. Therefore, the LED display system should be as simple as possible. It's best for novices to start. Assuming it is not in operation, the lessor may be required to provide professionals for on-site operations. During joint installation, the lessor shall provide a professional control system instruction manual, and the installation equipment shall also indicate specific instructions so that the personnel can identify the components and the installation sequence, and prevent installation errors and affect the use of the equipment.

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