How to prevent static electricity from P1.25 full-color LED display in dry season?

May 14,2021| LED Knowledge

In actual production and application, the electrostatic display the screen LED display screen damages from time to time. For example, the LED is located on an electrostatic body, one electrode is in contact with the electrostatic body, and the other electrode just floats. At this time, if someone touches the floating electrode, the LED may be damaged.

How to prevent static electricity from full-color LED display in dry season

So, how to prevent the P1.25 full-color LED display from generating static electricity during the dry season?

In order to minimize the damage of static electricity to LED displays, manufacturers, distributors and customers need to strictly implement the ESD20.20 standard during production, transportation and use. In the production process, static electricity is discharged directly into the ground through the wire, which is the most direct and effective antistatic method.

Anti-static on the production side

Training electrostatic knowledge and related technologies for personnel who use electrostatic sensitive circuits;

During the construction process, workers are required to wear an electrostatic grounding wrist strap. Especially in the process of cutting feet, plugging in, debugging and welding, the quality personnel must do a static test of the wristband at least every two hours and make a test record;

When soldering, the electric soldering iron should use antistatic low-voltage constant temperature soldering iron as much as possible, and keep it well grounded;

As far as possible in the assembly process, use a low-voltage DC electric screwdriver with a ground wire (commonly known as an electric screwdriver);

Ensure effective grounding of the production platform, injection platform, aging rack, etc.

The production environment requires copper wire to be grounded, such as the floor, wall and ceiling used in some occasions. Antistatic materials should be used. Generally speaking, even ordinary plasterboard and lime walls are fine, but plastic ceilings and ordinary or plastic wallpaper are prohibited;

In daily operations, full-color LED display products should always be stored in anti-static bags or containers.

Anti-static on the transport side

During transportation, the transportation vehicle should be grounded, and the box or other equipment equipped with conductive wheels or zippers should be fixed;

When contacting LED products at any time, you should maintain the correct handling method, and do not directly touch the PCB board and the electronic components on it.

Client static prevention

When installing the screen, customers and engineers must also strictly implement anti-static operations, and must not directly touch the core electronic components of the product without taking protective measures;

When installing the steel structure of the screen, effectively ground the screen and introduce static electricity into the ground.

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