The advantages of LED display and power saving tips

May 14,2021| LED Knowledge

Today, LED displays are widely used in advertising and have become the first choice of advertisers. Most customers said that when they were LED electronic screen attracted by the advertising content on the , they were willing to buy products or services, and some customers said that they could remember the advertising content in the previous month. Why is LED display so popular in the market?


1) Attract the audience's attention

Compared with traditional billboards, LED display screens can attract the attention of viewers and even attract potential customers from a distance. The led electronic display is conducive to building a brand reputation and shaping a positive image.

2) Provide a competitive advantage

This is very important under the gaze of the public so that customers can remember it. In the field of advertising, companies need to continue to put their brands under the sight of the public, and LED displays can easily achieve this goal.

3) Rich choices

The LED display can be controlled by a computer, and the content is easy to change. Enterprises can choose LED displays with simple or complex functions. In addition, companies can also choose multiple LED screens to display different or the same content, providing companies with a wealth of choices.

4) Economical and effective

Any discount or promotional information can attract customers through the LED display. The cost of LED video advertising reduces the cost of TV advertising. Even small businesses can use LED screens for advertising.

5) Low maintenance cost

The LED display does not require high-cost maintenance, can withstand harsh environmental conditions, and does not require frequent maintenance like traditional billboards.

6) Can be interactive

The interactive LED display screen can be interactive according to customers' preferences, and customers can obtain timing information according to their needs.

7. Environmental protection

LED display has the advantages of environmental protection, low power consumption, and reduction of billboard waste.

8. Brightness is adjustable

The LED display brightness of the can be adjusted automatically according to the environment, without manual control. Even if it is cloudy, rainy or sunny, the brightness can be adjusted according to the situation.

9. Large viewing angle

The large viewing angle can make advertising content spread to more audiences, and the viewing angle can reach 140°.

In summary, LED display screens have been widely used in the market due to the many advantages mentioned above. Video broadcast advertising has become the mainstream of the advertising industry.

Now that the advantages have been introduced, let’s take a few power-saving tips

LED itself is an energy-saving material, but when it is used for LED displays as a luminescent material , especially outdoor LED displays, considering its large display area, long running time, and high brightness, power consumption cannot be small. watch for. In addition to with the LED display the cost associated itself, the electricity bill paid by advertisers will increase geometrically with the use of the equipment.

So how to make the LED display more power-saving? This topic not only responds to the national energy-saving and emission-reduction policy, but also caters to the end customers' energy-saving demands. The benefits are self-evident.

led display

Generally, for energy-saving LED displays, high-efficiency and low-power IC designs can be used, and half-bridge or full-bridge high-efficiency switching power supplies can be used to drive the IC's constant current state as much as possible, reduce the power supply voltage, and pass the red, green, and blue tubes. The cores are supplied separately to achieve better energy-saving effects.

In summary, there are currently two methods:

1. A control device with a light sensor is installed to save energy by automatically adjusting the brightness of the LED display.

2. Use energy-saving IC and low-voltage power supply when designing the LED display body.

3. Use the most advanced LED common cathode energy-saving technology.

In addition to the above methods, it can also use a backlight design. Of course, wind energy led display screens, solar led screens, etc. are all good choices.

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