How to improve physical store business through p2.5 indoor Small pitch led display?

May 14,2021| LED Knowledge

It’s an indisputable fact that it’s difficult to do business in physical stores. As a physical store owner, you can’t wait and waste your time. In addition to some online marketing methods, you should also work hard on store decoration, such as installing an p2.5 indoor Small pitch  led display in the store. The display screen displays the products in the store and broadcasts product promotion information, etc. Compared with traditional paper advertisements, p2.5 indoor Small pitch  led display have the following characteristics:

Indoor led display

Advantages of p2.5 indoor Small pitch  led display compared to other display products

The main advantages of LCD large screen splicing walls are low cost, high resolution, and high resolution of the picture. However, there are also some inevitable defects such as the inability to solve the frame problem, which causes the joints to be too obvious. The seam display technology hides the black edges, but it is still unavoidable that there are physical seams and there is still a sense of subtle picture segmentation when viewed. Moreover, the brightness and color will decay over time, and 7X24 hours display applications are not supported.

DLP large-screen splicing walls have similar advantages with LCDs, and the color reproduction is very high, which can achieve 12-bit grayscale, and the seams are narrow. Of course, there are some shortcomings like LCD. For example, if the seam problem cannot be completely removed, there will be a sense of screen splitting, which will affect the viewing. The brightness of the light source will continue to attenuate, the display effect will drop, and the difference between light and shade will be brought about. Affected by ambient light, the overall screen consistency is poor.

1. Used indoors, such as shop window LED screens , which can not only illuminate, but also improve the quality of the shop.

2. With strong visual impact, your shop window will become the focus of people's attention. It can be used as an interior design element to display promotional videos and display products and details in all directions. You can even play some in-store product knowledge and so on.

3. You can easily change discounts and promotions, avoid paper waste, and save advertising costs.

4. The brightness is high and the product information can be played 24 hours a day. Even if the shop is proofing, the shop advertisement can still be played on the led display at night to increase the influence of the shop.

"Ask the channel to be so clear, it is a source of fresh water." Traffic is the basic condition for physical store transactions. Therefore, physical store owners should work hard to increase customer traffic. Installing ip2.5 indoor Small pitch  led displays is just one of many marketing measures to increase traffic. Of course, you can also put some outdoor LED large-screen advertisements locally if the budget is sufficient. Today's article hopes to be helpful and inspiring for everyone.

If you don’t know how to build an p2.5 indoor Small pitch  led display , Liangcai Technology’s engineering design team can help you to maximize the interaction between your physical store and guests. p2.5 indoor Small pitch  led displays are suitable for shops and enterprises, hotels, and medical beauty centers. , Banks, etc., the LED electronic screens of shops and companies are aimed at companies with shop windows or street-facing windows.

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