How to choose indoor large HD LED display screen?

May 14,2021| LED Knowledge

Indoor large HD LED display screen has become the mainstream of high-definition large screen flat panel display devices.This is a large size flat panel display device composed of display driver integrated circuit chip splicing, the integrated circuit driver chip in the display unit is mainly used to receive the digital signal of the back-end control system, drive the front-end screen LED to conduct, to achieve information display.Therefore, the performance of the driver chip plays a key role in the display quality of indoor HD LED electronic display.In recent years, with the rapid development of LED display technology, special chip has become the mainstream driver chip for large color LED display, but there are still some key problems to be solved, among which the core is the multi-constant current drive display technology.Accurate multiple constant current drive determines the uniformity, consistency and commercial value of large indoor HD LED electronic displays.The following for you to improve the selection of a few indoor large HD LED display errors.

1. Just look at the price

There is no denying that the price is an important factor affecting the sales of LED displays.The huge price difference causes customers to ignore the quality, but in the actual use process, the price difference is actually the quality gap.

Because, you get what you pay for.

2.The display "the same model" is "the same product"

In the LED large screen sales process, there are often customers say, the same model of LED display, why your price is so much more expensive than others.

Because the quotation to the customer is based on the channel price of the company to obtain the LED display screen, the so-called price of the same type of product in different manufacturers is actually different.

indoor large HD LED display screen

(Application of large indoor high-definition LED display screen.)

3. The higher the value of technical specifications, the better

Generally, customers will choose several manufacturers for evaluation when purchasing large indoor high-definition LED display screens, and then decide which large indoor high-definition LED display suppliers to choose.The two most important items in the evaluation are price and technical parameters.In the case of similar prices, technical parameters become the key factor.

Many customers think that the higher the value of the parameters, the better the quality of the display.The answer is not necessarily, because the indoor large high-definition LED display on the brightness requirements than outdoor LED display is much lower, generally between 800 and 1500 can meet the requirements of use.And indoor large high-definition LED display brightness is too high but will be dazzling affect the viewing, from the service life, too high brightness is easy to overdraw the display life in advance.

How to test the quality of indoor large-scale high-definition LED display?

Indoor large high-definition LED display screen has developed to the present technology is very mature, the product is very stable, the phenomenon of large area of dead light has basically not existed, and the manufacturer will be equipped with a certain amount of spare parts in the factory, the installation will give customers the corresponding technical training, small problems can be solved by customers.

So how to see the good or bad of a large indoor high-definition LED display after installation?

1 installation flatness: the production of steel structure and the installation of the master's technology, determines the flatness of the screen body, flatness is good, the display effect of the screen body is better.

2. Brightness consistency: View in white balance.

3. How about the refresh rate: you can take pictures with your mobile phone and see the corrugation of the screen body.

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