How to highlight the role of LED display in shopping malls?

May 17,2021| LED Knowledge

With the continuous reduction of the dot spacing and improvement of the resolution of LED large-screen display, small-spacing and micro-spacing LEDs have begun to replace the traditional large-screen display wall in a comprehensive way.

LED display in shopping malls

The LED large screen image is complete without patchwork, the size is not limited, the brightness of each part is highly consistent, the image level is rich, the color is uniform, whether split screen display or combined into a large screen display is extremely perfect.In crowded shopping malls, shops and LED billboards are abundant, so how to highlight the role of mall LED displays in busy commercial areas?

1. Position of LED display in shopping malls

Mall LED displays should be placed in areas that encounter excessive customer traffic and live for a long time, so that the information gap between shoppers and brands should be unimpeded.

Mall LED displays ensure that brands communicate at critical moments when customers are shopping.

When the media constantly repeat the selling point of the product, it is when the consumer's brand choice is strongly influenced.

2. Broadcast content of LED display screen in shopping malls

Mall LED displays display relevant and useful content for consumers.

At the same time, the content displayed on the mall's LED screens should keep customers engaged and entertained to enjoy the mall experience and should not focus solely on advertising, but should provide information about the mall's news and other editorial content.

Deliver specific content to different audiences based on the demographics of the shopping center.

3. Customer characteristics statistics

Know who is shopping and when.

In most cases, the elderly are shopping more in the morning, the middle age is usually at noon, and the children are more active in the mall in the evening.

Getting this information can help you pinpoint exactly what your LED AD screens are showing.

4, shopping mall navigation

Especially for large shopping centers, LED display screen is used to help customers navigate around the store, and share the news about shopping center offers, more humanized, improve the conversion rate, and let customers buy goods more time saving.

5. Interactive design of LED display in shopping malls

Create fun experiences for customers.

For example, an LED display promoting a movie makes it easy to take a picture of a customer and edit that picture into a poster for the movie.

LED display in shopping malls

Functional advantages of LED display in shopping malls:

1. Build LED display screens for shopping malls in single or multiple commercial centers and areas with large flow of people to form an outdoor large-screen network covering the whole city or even the whole country.

2, shopping mall LED display screen, strong visual impact, ultra clear map, huge shock force.

It is conducive to the shaping and dissemination of brand image, and many LED displays in shopping malls are local landmarks, which is a good advertisement.

3. The small screen of the mall LED display screen has strong transmission penetration, wide network coverage, direct consumption terminal, low investment, quick effect and good publicity effect.

4. Busy streets, residential areas, such as the construction of high-definition small and medium-sized LED full-color display screen or information screen, form a media release network, its transmission effect is more shocking, more mandatory.

5. Self-made programs, instant broadcast, rich content;Not only advertisements, but also programs, including special topics and special programs.Column, variety show, animation, radio drama, TV drama.

With the development of the mall LED display industry more and more mature, market competition is more and more fierce, just a good product can not be very good to protect the enterprise to build a strong advantage barrier, on the one hand, the industry technology development is too fast, product update is also very fast, market competition is fierce, the elimination rate increases invisibly;

On the other hand, imitation, plagiarism and other evil trends are prevalent, which can easily reduce the growth degree of market profit brought by technological research and development and product innovation to a certain extent.

At the same time, those who can through precise product and market positioning and the use of channels and other resources to fully understand and grasp the end market demand changes began to more competitive in the market.

Therefore, when the role of the mall LED display is clearly positioned, it will bring greater benefits.

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