The LED display on the wedding should be how to arrange and should play write what content?

May 18,2021| LED Knowledge

With the improvement of people's pursuit of material culture, LED display screen with excellent display effect and excellent foil effect to the scene.

It gradually became popular in the wedding scene.

Here we look at the wedding LED display how to choose and decorate it in general, choose the LED display wedding, generally choose to hold a wedding in a dark occasion.

As the wedding is going on step by step, the LED display screen plays the couple's photos and videos, etc., will make the scene effect rendering stronger, will also have more visual impact, so that the present guests really feel the happiness of the couple and moved.

So, the LED display on the wedding should be how to arrange and should play write what content?

LED display on the wedding

There are three main ways of wedding LED display:

1. Background video type.

It's mostly for setting the mood.

2. Watch video.

Mainly used to play video, photos and other information for guests to enjoy.

3. Ceremonial video.

It is used in conjunction with the live ceremony to complete the wedding process, such as virtual wings, wedding rings and other elements.

In addition, the wedding LED display can also be used for the wedding live broadcast.

LED display layout at the wedding:

1, the wedding LED display layout atmosphere in two forms, are outdoor layout and indoor layout, the cost is relatively expensive, the wedding scene light is dark for the use of indoor layout, which can more highlight the visual effect of LED display.

2, the wedding will generally put the LED display in the center of the stage, on both sides and then installed on the spray board, spray board can be put on the couple's photo as decoration.

3, hold outdoor wedding couples, such as garden wedding, can be placed on both sides of the stage on the LED display, and then a flower embellishment, showing a visual effect is also quite good.

Wedding LED display screen should play content:

1,In the daytime quick shear.

Play the atmosphere of the wedding quick shear is the best regulator, cameraman day men and women both parties to be prepared for the process, the most interesting lively ridiculous link clips into a short film about 5 minutes, can let all the guests to the wedding day the groom to pick up the bride's lively scene, feeling the warm atmosphere during the day, making perfect matting for after the wedding ceremony.

2,Love micro movies.

Micro-film shooting of wedding has gradually become an indispensable link, and micro-film is used to record the emotional course of the couple and their beautiful expectations for marriage life.

The script can be written by yourself or handed over to a planner, who will decide the script according to the couple's love story, and the couple will narrator and lead the actor.Before the official start of the wedding, as the opening film display.

3, Guest video blessing.

Can be recorded in advance of the couple's relatives and friends or distant guests can not come blessing, such as the wedding to a specific process after playing this video.

4. Blessing Wall.

Guests send their wishes, expectations, on-site photos, wedding photos and a series of other content to the couple through the mobile phone, and synchronize them to the big screen in time to form a warm and sweet blessing wall.

5. Dream dynamic background.

According to the wedding theme production and play of dynamic wedding material, like the ocean theme of the wedding can be used as a decoration under the sea grass jellyfish, the starry sky can be used with sparkling starlight, expressive force is higher than the static background;

The role of the wedding LED display:

1.LED large screen is connected with the camera equipment at the wedding site. Through the LED display of the wedding details, guests can see the details of the wedding more clearly, so that the wedding can be seen more strongly;

2. Through the advanced digital cutting and broadcasting system of LED equipment, the couple can see the wedding ceremony CD immediately after the wedding banquet;

3. Live sand painting performance, network broadcast, on-site lottery;

4. Multiple screens can be used for grand scenes.

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