What are the uses of the LED display for public welfare activities?

May 18,2021| LED Knowledge

Outdoor LED display screen is one of the outdoor advertising, with the improvement of the level of urban construction, more and more cities abandon the traditional advertising carrier, to use LED display screen.

LED display occupies an important position in the society, not only can broadcast advertising, but also can spread public welfare, broadcast notices for people seeking, Fuzhou even has the use of LED display to demand debt, so as to achieve the outdoor LED display from pure commercial to social public welfare property function enhancement gorgeous transformation.

So, what are the uses of the LED display screens for public welfare activities?

LED display for public welfare activities

Advantages of public service activities LED display in public service advertising display:

1. More direct information.

Public service advertising, to information is more direct and effective, as a high-quality outdoor information media full color LED display has high brightness, stable transmission characteristics, suitable for large outdoor, advertising display boards, malls, supermarkets, municipal centers, squares and other places.

The information spread more quickly and conveniently.

2. Excellent stability.

Outdoor full-color display, efficient communication, but also need to have good stability, especially for frequent work, long-term continuous screen broadcast equipment, stability is an important indicator to consider the good or bad of a display equipment.

In terms of stability, the full-color LED display enhances the control of the motherboard, which makes the internal circuit board and components more reliable and stable.

3, low power consumption, uninterrupted playback.

Long-term use of outdoor full-color display, the level of power consumption has also become an important indicator of the length of display life.

Outdoor full-color display, according to the characteristics of the screen, divided into P series display and other products.

Not only the product performance is superior, low power consumption is also its distinctive characteristics, frequent use of the display screen, it is necessary to ensure a stable, energy-saving effect.

Public welfare activities LED display application cases:

1. UK: In order to call on people to contribute to women's entrepreneurship in Africa, the British charity organization MicroLoan held a special outdoor donation using an outdoor LED screen:

The public welfare organization MicroLoan displays an image of an African woman made up of coins on an outdoor LED screen. When passers-by pass by the large screen and follow instructions to send a text message to donate money, some coins will float out of the screen, piecing together the original incomplete image of the woman, so as to achieve the purpose of donation.

2. Thailand: In order to improve the public awareness of child protection and effectively protect children from illegal abuse, CPCR and Li O 'Burnet jointly produced and launched a series of outdoor public service advertisements of "Childabuse" on outdoor LED screens and outdoor brands in all centers in Bangkok, and the reporting telephone was attached to the advertisements.

Since the launch of the campaign, CPCR has received more than 300 calls a day.

At present, such a way has become the most effective preventive measures, making the prevention of child sexual abuse has been effectively improved.

Combined with the new situation, display production and manufacturing enterprises should take the market as the guidance, explore the new attributes of outdoor LED display under the requirements of the new era, produce outdoor products that adapt to market changes and needs, meet the needs of urban development and management, and become the standard information products acceptable to the public, rather than just an advertising terminal.

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