Hotel rental LED display how to price?

May 24,2021| LED Knowledge

In the hotel weddings, company celebrations, celebrations, generally cannot be separated from the LED large screen figure, good display and visual effect, for the scene atmosphere of the activities.

In terms of the size of the hotel LED display, the most popular models are P3.9 and P4.8, which are cost-effective and enough to meet daily use.

The lower P2.6, P2.5 and so on belong to the small-spacing LED display, ultra-high definition display, but the cost is high.

Upward of the P6.25 and other HD is not enough, although the price is relatively cheap.

Hotel LED display price is generally from 4000 to 8000 yuan per square meter, which is related to the hotel banquet hall LED display model, screen area, LED light material and other factors.

So, the hotel rental LED display is how to price it?

1. Screen body

Screen price accounted for more than 70% of the total investment.

The screen body is composed of LED module, power supply, box body, cable and power cord.

Sending card and receiving card.

The sending card packages the image information and sends it to the receiving card. The receiving card unpacks the image and processes it.

Display special graphics card, like computer graphics card function, display graphics images.

LED player software, this is provided for free.

Synchronous control systems are generally used.


2. Peripherals

The basic accessories are: computer (desktop computer), video processor, air conditioning (heat dissipation is very important), distribution box, audio amplifier (optional), function card (can automatically adjust the display temperature, brightness, humidity and other physical data), etc.

3. Steel structure and wiring

Hotel LED display installation is divided into: wall type, Mosaic type.

This is not the LED rental screen installation, is a steel structure to fix.

Others include engineering wiring, communication, cable and so on.

4. Other expenses

Hotel LED display packaging, transportation costs.

The last is the installation and debugging costs, you can ask the local construction company and team.

We will send the most experienced, the most skilled personnel to the installation site to assist the installation, and provide one-to-one or one-to-one professional technical guidance to the operator so as to ensure that the display will not stop using due to minor problems.

Hotel rental LED display customized matters needing attention:

1. Installation place: indoor or outdoor;

2. Installation method: wall, floor or column;

3. Uses, what special playback to autumn;

4. Model: If you do not know, you can consult our sales staff;

5. Installation site photos: It is best to provide photos, and the nearest viewing distance.

Selection of LED display screen for hotel rental:

Viewing distance is relatively close, about 6 meters range, at this time to consider the hotel LED display screen precision, shot the display effect, installation and movement is convenient, optional hotel LED display model is P4.8;

If the display requirements are very high, the first consideration is P2.6 indoor LED display, whether the audience or the performers on the stage can very clearly see the screen display;

When the budget cost overruns, consider the indoor P3.9 full-color LED display, but in the 4-meter range of display effect is very different, the P2.6 will be much more high-definition.

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