How to maintain the LED display in the conference room?

May 24,2021| LED Knowledge

Indoor LED displays are widely used in leisure and cultural squares, entertainment squares, business centers, shopping centers, media centers, commercial streets, railway stations, airports, passenger stations and other places.

In recent years, it has become more and more popular to install LED display screens in meeting rooms. The intuitive feeling and effect of indoor LED display display are more advantageous than traditional projection.

The LED display panel installed in the meeting room is usually viewed from a very close distance, and it is also very careful when choosing the type of LED display. At present, P2, P2.5 and P3 are the most commonly used indoor LED screens, followed by small spacing LED screens below P2.

The meeting room is usually viewed from a close distance, usually about two meters away, which is conducive to the meeting. Therefore, the meeting room is usually equipped with an indoor full-color LED display, P2.

If the budget is large enough and the requirements for indoor meeting LED display are higher, P2's small-spacing indoor meeting LED display can be considered.

So, how to make the service life of the LED display in the conference room longer?


1. Several modules can not be continuously lit or abnormal: check whether the wiring of the module with the first abnormal data signal orientation and the power plug are fine touch. If the LED module can not be lit, it indicates that there is no switching power input.

2. Single module fails to light:Check the module of switch power supply is good to check the power plug module, if all modules are tonal disorder and the color is not consistent, because the data signal transmission column contact undesirable phenomena, insert again pull column line change detection line, if be in, replacing fine with strip cable have problem,You can check for problems with the connector on the PCB board.

3. The way to check the single light is not on: use the instrument to check whether there is any damage to the LED display in the conference room. If the light is damaged, replace the light according to Article 5 below.

The actual lamp measurement method: the digital multimeter in the resistor X1 section, the black DC ammeter in the compass digital multimeter to connect the LED positive level on the red DC ammeter to connect the negative level, if the LED is lit, the accurate measurement of the lamp is on the line, if the lamp is not on the accurate measurement of the lamp is not very good.

4. LED owe maintenance (control points) : in a single lamp, check to make sure the LED damage according to the specific ways to select to choose the following maintenance, is face maintenance: with the screwdriver from matching the face to remove protective masks the self-contained silk to remove protective mask replacement lamp, lamp replacement and seal after the completion of colloid solution, return the original meeting room of the LED display screen.

Tightening the screw and reverse maintenance: use the screwdriver of the relative model to unscrew the screw from the reverse side and unplug the data signal cable. Unplug the power plug and unexpectedly remove the module from the hole of the sheet metal parts and transfer it to the reverse side of the main machine case, according to the maintenance method of the front face.

5. Replace the lamp: remove the colloid solution around the damaged LED with sharp special tools (medical forceps, etc.), so that the needle Angle of the LED electronic display can be clearly exposed on the field of vision. The left hand holds the LED with medical forceps, and the left hand uses the electric solder iron (the high temperature temperature of about 40 degrees will cause damage to the LED).

Insert the specified LED lamp into the hole of the PCB base plate properly.

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