How much is a high-definition LED advertising display used outdoors?

May 26,2021| LED Knowledge

How much is the outdoor high-definition led display? With the rapid development of urbanization and the popularity of led displays, led displays have become more and more popular, and the value of advertising has doubled. The commercial application of led display screens is very wide, mainly for advertising display and publicity, and can be used indoors and outdoors, and its cost is also affected by this. 

So what I want to share with you in this article today is about the current price status of outdoor led displays. At present, how much is a square meter of outdoor led advertising display screen? We together look.

Displays used outdoors have certain requirements for brightness, and the more prominent brightness standard is the ultra-high brightness of the led display. Moreover, outdoor led display models are generally above P4, and the main models are P4/5/6/8/10. The smaller the model, the higher the price, so among these models, P4 has the highest price, while P10 is the lowest.

high-definition LED advertising display

Indoors are not the same as outdoors. Indoors require not too high brightness, which is easy to hurt the eyes. Outdoors require high brightness and strong protection (waterproof, moisture-proof, electricity-proof, lightning protection, heat dissipation, ultra-low temperature, normal operation...), so choose outdoor When using led display screens, you must consider the geographical factors of the location where the display screen is used.

 For example, the LED display screens used in Guangdong must be waterproof and heat-dissipated. Typhoon prevention is also a key measure. Therefore, if it is in an earthquake zone, earthquake prevention is also a protection consideration.

LED display market price reference

1. The price of outdoor P10 full-color led display is generally around 2300-2800;

2. The price of outdoor P8 full-color LED display is generally around 2800-3500;

3. The price of outdoor P6 full-color led display is around 3500-4000;

4. The price of outdoor P5 full-color led display is 4000-4500 yuan/square meter;

5. The price of outdoor P4 full-color led display is about 4200-4800 yuan/square meter;

Note: The above prices are for reference only. Each item is different, and the LED display product model used is also different. The product configuration of different models is different, and the price of different configurations is different. The specific price is subject to the manufacturer's quotation plan.

high-definition LED advertising display

Factors affecting the price of l

1. The impact of specifications on the price of led displays

The led display can be divided into outdoor, indoor, single color, dual color, full color. The price of each kind of led screen is different, the dot density is different, the price difference is also very big.

2, the impact of raw materials on the price of display screens

my country's led display screens are still relatively dependent on foreign technology for raw materials and core technology. Among them, the quality of LED chips is also quite different, and LED lamp beads are also a relatively important factor in price constraints. Each light-emitting chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. American and Japanese chips, because of their constant focus on technology, under the background of similar control, the price of American and Japanese chips remains high.

 Taiwan and local chips are relatively self-made, but there is still a certain gap in performance compared with American and Japanese chips. If the display is used in more important occasions, or when the customer's budget is sufficient, it is better to use imported chips; because it is a bit more expensive, but the driving IC is very important to affect the quality and life of the display. In addition, the price of other materials such as power supply, cabinet, and other accessories made of led display screen.

high-definition LED advertising display

3, the impact of enterprise production costs on the price of display screens

The production cost of each company is different, and each display screen includes the production cost in addition to the raw material cost. Including, staff salaries, logistics costs and other expenses.

Is the price of led display expensive? How much is a square? The price depends on the model, what type of screen you choose, plus other costs to get the final price. Rather than worrying here, it is better to find a manufacturer to make a list of quotations for you. For example, our Oyka, business sales will recommend suitable models and products to you according to your requirements, and then add all the costs together to get the final quotation list.

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