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Is LED transparent screen expensive? Approximately how much is a transparent LED screen per square meter?

How much is a square transparent screen? This is a topic that many customers are most concerned about. Today, I will talk with you about the price composition of transparent screens. As far as the current domestic LED transparent screen market is concerned, the price of LED transparent screens is relatively stable.


Many friends in the industry know that 95% of the LED transparent screen manufacturers are located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. With the birth of such a new type of transparent LED display product, it will undoubtedly impact the market share of the traditional LED display.

So, how much is the price of a transparent LED screen per square meter is the appropriate price? In fact, this is really unclear. Each company has different operating costs, product structure, and procurement costs. The price of LED transparent screens is naturally different for each company. If they find a listed company with LED transparent screens, they The price will be much higher than the price of small and medium-sized companies. After all, the brand and operating costs are there.


How much is a transparent LED screen per square meter? Detailed explanation of price composition:

1: The price of the transparent LED screen occupies more than 60% of the total investment of the project. The LED screen is composed of modules, power supplies, cabinets, and power cords.

2: The control system here adopts the C5 model of Yunzhi Technology, the main control box, sends signals to each screen, so that each pixel is controlled: * DVI output, RJ45/fiber connection interface. * Gigabit network card, DVI transmission. * 2 Output ports, support the maximum resolution: 1024*1280. * There are two kinds of standard main control box and mini main control box.

3: Installation accessories The most basic accessories are: computer (desktop computer), power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), video processor (optional), etc.

4. The main function of the air box is more convenient packaging and transportation: * Dimensions: length 1.015m, height 0.52m, width 0.88m * Volume: 10 pieces.

How much is a transparent LED screen per square meter?  The price of transparent LED screens is useless. Tell everyone, mainly because the price gap between manufacturers and distributors is too large, and there is a gap between after-sales maintenance and other things. Moreover, the model, material, etc. you choose are different.


Price is only an indicator in the process of purchasing a product or service. If you simply compare prices, the consideration is not so thoughtful. Quality, service, word-of-mouth, and whether it meets psychological expectations all need to be considered together. If you want to know more detailed information about LED transparent screen, you can consult our Oika. Oika is a transparent LED screen manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. The company specializes in providing small-pitch LED displays, indoor full-color LED screens, outdoor LED screens and other display products.

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