How much does it cost to install a transparent LED display in an indoor shop window?

May 26,2021| LED Knowledge

With the continuous development of science and technology, shop windows are not only shop windows, but also works of art appreciated by people. In major fashion capitals such as New York, Paris, London, and other major chain stores, there are many glass windows in major chain stores, and all kinds of goods are dazzling. Every season's window renewal will attract a large number of passers-by to stop and admire. 

A large part of the reason is due to our indoor leds. The advertising display effect brought by the transparent screen. So the help of window screens for merchants and shops is unquestionably huge, but the price is also a bit expensive, so how much does it cost to install a transparent LED display in an indoor window?


Regarding how much money is needed for the window transparent display screen, in fact, this is a question and answer without a standard. Because each company’s cost, product structure, and procurement costs are different, the price of transparent display screens for each company is naturally different. For example, transparent display screens of listed companies will be much more expensive than small and medium-sized companies. Brand and operating costs are there.

 Or middlemen, because the channel costs increase, their prices will be higher. And the user is facing the manufacturer, the price is relatively cheap, directly eliminating the intermediate price, of course, the price of the manufacturer will also be high and low, such as whether the product is independently developed, whether the project is customized, and whether the product materials are formal, such as The brand of lamp beads, power supply, IC and other materials will directly affect the price.

In addition to some of the above rigid conditions, you need to refer to the following points when purchasing indoor window LED transparent displays:

1. The size of the screen spacing

Generally speaking, the smaller the pixel pitch (the gap between the LED display lamp bead and the lamp bead), the clearer the picture of the transparent led screen in the window, and the better the display effect. This also means that the more lamp beads used, the better the quality of the lamp beads, the higher the cost, and the price will naturally rise.


2. Whether the screen is customized

If the application project has special requirements for the shape of the product, such as making it into an arc, folding and other special shapes, it is necessary to make structural design and installation and operation plan planning in advance before implementation. One-to-one project design is required for the length of the window transparent display screen and the size and shape of the cabinet, which will consume more manpower and material resources. Therefore, the price of this kind of specially customized window display will naturally be much more expensive.

3. Requirements for other functions

In addition to satisfying the basic functions of the led window screen: transparent, luminous, high-definition display, etc., if customized interactive sensing or wireless control modules and other functions require additional investment in response equipment, the cost will also rise.

As a display carrier of the window display, the window screen just makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional display. With its high transparency characteristics, it can easily create a smart and transparent aesthetic, and its visual penetration can achieve the transparency effect of the frame without affecting the indoor lighting, and the frame is almost invisible in the distance.  LED self-luminous and other characteristics also make it have its own fashion, technology and futuristic sense, and it is very popular in the fields of creative display and high-end display.


Street window is an important means of retail store merchandise display promotion, and led window screens change the traditional window advertising display from static, flexible and changeable, making the store more vivid as a whole, and creating a deeper level of interaction with consumers and crowds. 

Information interaction is of great significance for displaying the business categories of retail stores, focusing on promoting products, and attracting consumers to buy. The application of led window screens is also one of the trends in the development of advertising window design in the future. 

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