The essential knowledge when buying a small-pitch LED display

May 27,2021| LED Knowledge

1. Comprehensive consideration of point spacing, size and resolution

Dot pitch, size and resolution are people buy small-pitch LED displays several important factors when . In actual operation, it is not that the smaller the dot pitch and the higher the resolution, the better the actual application effect, but the comprehensive consideration of the screen size, application environment and other factors. The smaller the small-pitch LED display dot pitch of products, the higher the resolution and the higher the price. Users should fully consider their own application environment and program budget when purchasing products to avoid the dilemma of spending a lot of money but failing to achieve the expected results.

2. Fully consider the maintenance cost

When choosing small-pitch users in the industry LED display products, should consider not only procurement costs, but also high maintenance costs. In actual operation, the larger the screen size, the more complicated the maintenance process, and the maintenance cost will naturally increase accordingly. In addition, the power consumption of the small pitch is not easy to be underestimated, and the large-size and small-pitch LED displays later operating costs of are generally higher.

3, signal transmission compatibility is very important

small-pitch LED display The indoor signal access of the has the requirements of diversification, large number, scattered locations, multi-signal display on the same screen, and centralized management. In actual operation, if the small-pitch LED display is to be used efficiently, the signal transmission equipment must not contempt. In the LED display market, not all small-pitch LED displays can meet the above requirements. When purchasing products, do not pay attention to the resolution of the product, and fully consider whether the existing signal equipment supports the corresponding video signal. . The small-pitch LED display attracts users with its ultra-high-definition display pictures and delicate display effects.
small-pitch LED display

Aureida COB small-pitch LED display adopts a new manufacturing process, which completely overcomes the difficulty of traditional SMD small-pitch can not be used for customer service, and breaks through the of small-pitch LED display that is bottleneck moisture-proof, dust-proof and impact-proof. COB small spacing maintenance operation is simple, without any tools, supports module, power supply front maintenance, fast speed, low cost. 160°large viewing angle, 16bits high grayscale, 500~1500nits indoor highlight display, fantastic picture display effect, vivid and gorgeous picture. During the purchase process, the customer must comprehensively consider their own application requirements, and the best is the one that achieves the most desired use effect.

With of LED display the mature development technology, the dot pitch of products demanded by users is becoming smaller and smaller. After the continuous warm-up of small-pitch products in the first two years, in the field of large-screen displays in 2017, small-pitch LED products have become well-deserved star products. Indoor small-pitch LED displays have entered the market growth period, and for users , How to choose a small-pitch led display ? It can be considered from the following aspects:
small-pitch LED display

"Low brightness and high gray" is the premise

An important criterion for high-quality small-pitch LED screens is to achieve "low brightness and high gray" technical indicators. In actual purchase, users can follow the principle of "the more brightness levels that can be recognized by the human eye, the better".

Select the point spacing, pay attention to the balance of "effect and technology"

The dot spacing of the product to choose from is not as small as possible. Users can make simple calculations through the best visible distance = dot spacing/0.3~0.8, taking into account their own cost, demand, application range and other factors.

When choosing a resolution, pay attention to the match with the "front-end signal transmission equipment"

Users want to build the best small-pitch LED display system. While paying attention to the resolution of the screen itself, they must also consider the matching of the front-end signal transmission product and select the matching video support format.

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