What do you know about see-through LED displays?

May 28,2021| LED Knowledge

Perspective LED display the structure of a set of linear LED small lights blinds, and greatly reduced the structural components of the line of sight on the design of block, appear a rate can reach 85%, maximize the perspective effect, is currently the perspective effect higher clarity, better display devices, mainly through some of the LED display technology perspective appear a gender,

Make more close to the transparent display, such as is now the most common glass curtain wall transparent LED screen, it is in the inside of the glass curtain wall, in some tall buildings, shopping malls and other LED transparent screen cannot be seen outside of the glass curtain wall, and is not installed, but when the display light, can see very clear gorgeous screen,

And it will not affect the lighting and ventilation inside these high-rise buildings and shopping malls.

In just a few years, the concept of "perspective LED display" has been widely promoted, many products in the industry including glass screen, light strip screen, grid screen, curtain screen, grid, screen, etc., also began to name this, causing "perspective LED display" upsurge.

Let's have a look at the perspective LED display with you!

see-through LED displays

Advantages of perspective LED display:

1, perspective LED display of high permeability rate.

Transparent LED display in the permeability of up to 65-85%, because the thickness of each LED strip is only 2 mm, they form a transparent gap between the strips, are usually installed on the inside of the glass curtain wall of commercial buildings, installed in the outdoor display device in the indoor, can break the limitations of the traditional LED display in the glass.

2, perspective LED display is simple in structure and light in quality.

In the glass curtain wall design leads to the hollow strip display, is compared to the traditional ratio leads to the display cabinet, its price is more flexible, especially in combination with the glass shell size customized size to better fit the glass curtain wall, reduce the load pressure.

3. The installation of perspective LED display is quick and easy to maintain.

Today, the new structure is flexible, light in weight and fast in installation.

If a strip is damaged, only the single fast module needs to be replaced, and there is no need to replace the whole module. The indoor maintenance efficiency is high and the cost is low.

see-through LED displays

Perspective LED display screen is a new type of contemporary popular wall, it gives the biggest characteristic of the building is the architectural aesthetics, architectural function, architectural energy saving and architectural structure and other factors organically unified, the building from different angles show a different tone, with the change of sunlight, moonlight, light to give a person with the dynamic beauty.

Perspective LED display is usually installed on the glass curtain wall, and the traditional LED display is the same as the self-light display, in terms of product material, perspective LED display adopts aluminum profile box and ultra-thin PCB board, can be perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment, basically can not see the corresponding bracket structure from a distance;

In terms of product structure, the perspective LED display combined with the principle of shutter structure, through the gap generated by the horizontal light strip to form a transparent, and does not affect the indoor lighting, lit up can play pictures, videos and other dynamic information.

Perspective LED display screen because of its high permeability, thin and light design, invisible installation and other outstanding in many display products.

Perspective LED display can be built according to the environmental modeling diversity, and the screen scattered is the suspension, in the performance of the overall depth of the stage frame, we will use the screen itself transparent, thin, dazzling and other characteristics, in the production of a strong perspective effect, so that the depth of field of the whole picture becomes longer, and in addition,

Perspective of LED display screen will use screen technology and the unique body appear a characteristic, can form solid realistic effect, in the ideal of the virtual space, more screen show, is for the space image motion, stage effect enhancement administrative levels sense, movement, and the perspective of the traditional LED display and LED display two-dimensional mural effect is compared,

In presenting a three-dimensional sense of space and the sense of reality, will be more shocking with visual effects.

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