What are the advantages of outdoor LED billboards?

May 31,2021| LED Knowledge

LED technology is changing the way people watch and interact with media.

Although traditional billboards are still widely used, it is undeniable that outdoor LED billboards will be the future trend to display attractive content and attract more audiences.

In recent years, outdoor LED billboards have become more and more popular because of their innovative and rich features.

Technology is allowing LED signage owners to offer more attractive, customized content to consumers.

Owners of outdoor LED billboards have a lot to gain from going LED.

Outdoor LED billboards refer to LED media appearing in the public environment, including LED billboards and outdoor signs, as well as screen networks in shopping malls and health care places. Outdoor LED billboards cover a wide range of content and can be seen almost everywhere.

So what are the advantages of outdoor LED billboards?


Some places where outdoor LED billboards are commonly used:

1. Shopping malls and retail stores

Movie theaters and stadiums

2. Hospital waiting room

Airports, train stations and bus stations

1. Road side

Advantages of outdoor LED billboards:

1. Lower management cost: every time the traditional billboard is replaced with a new advertisement, it will incur the cost of reprinting and installation.

Playing new content on a LED billboard can be done automatically in seconds.

The upfront cost of setting up a LED screen is higher, but the benefits far outweigh the investment.

2. More diverse content: LED outdoor media can be very flexible in terms of the timing and duration of advertising campaigns.

LED outdoor advertising can start or end at any time, compared to traditional outdoor media's two-week to four-week advertising cycle.

Because there is no need for engineers to create or replace posters, LED outdoor technology makes it possible to switch ideas in real time.

The development of wireless networks allows users to remotely upload and schedule media content that needs to be played.

With real-time data, LED Outdoor Media can deliver highly relevant and customized content to potential customers.

Whereas traditional static ads can only be targeted to a group of people with similar characteristics, LED outdoor ads can offer different versions of the campaign to different displays in different locations, depending on the type of audience, time of day, season, weather, and other conditions.

Development Suggestions for Outdoor LED Billboards:

1. Keep the LED billboard network cohesive

2. Expand customers' LED experience beyond physical stores

3. Use social media as part of LED advertising: Linking LED billboard ads to social media can create trust, generate web traffic, and even increase customer numbers.

Social media advice among consumers is important when building trust and rapport, and embracing social media also shows that you are committed to engaging with your audience.

4. Keep up with your audience

5. Diversified functions

The key to making outdoor LED billboards a high-value marketing asset is their impressive visibility.

LED screens are usually located in high-traffic areas to ensure that their content is seen by most people.

In addition, unlike home or online advertising, viewers cannot skip ads or use AD blockers or change what is displayed on the screen.

In other words, once the AD starts playing, it will play out in its entirety, making it easier to see.

That's why marketers are so enthusiastic about LED outdoor media.

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