Analysis of the status quo of LED display factories and LED display companies

May 31,2021| LED Knowledge

Speaking of Made in China, we think of more of the products in our daily lives. Speaking of Made in Germany, our first reaction is precision and high quality. At present, products made in China have spread all over the world, and China is a big manufacturing country in the world. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, my country has established a complete, independent and complete industrial system, and has become the only country in the world that has all the industrial categories in the United Nations Industrial Classification.

In particular, the manufacturing industry at the core of the industrial system has gained global attention. . But we are still in the ranks of "manufacturing power" rather than "manufacturing power." China's manufacturing industry is large but not strong, and the objective situation of large but not refined is still prominent. The gap with advanced manufacturing countries such as Germany, Japan, and the United States is still obvious.

As a "grass-rooted" industry in the industry, China's LED LED displays accounted for 81% of the world's sales in 2018. To achieve such a high benefit, we rely on the number of companies rather than the output value of a small number of companies. If the world’s LED display companies are ranked according to their influence, mainland China’s display LED companies will have some difficulties if they want to enter the top 10 list. Strong characteristics.

LED display factories

LED display industry status

my country's LED industry is in a stage of rapid growth. The scale continues to expand, and the number of companies continues to increase. However, most of the companies are small and medium-sized enterprises, with weak technical and financial strength, insufficient R&D investment, and serious product homogeneity.

They mainly seize the market through price competition. , The development is more chaotic, which is not conducive to the long-term and healthy development of the LED display industry. In the context of consumption upgrades, Chinese consumers continue to pay more attention to the quality and brand of display products. The market share of companies with stronger technology, greater strength, and higher brand awareness continue to increase, and companies with weaker strength will be gradually eliminated. .

In the past, the core technology of LED display has been monopolized by foreign companies. After years of development, China’s LED industry has achieved good results. The scale of the industry has continued to grow, and more companies have begun to have a certain right to speak in the market. With the trend of intelligence and high-definition, the LED display industry is catching up. The small-pitch LED, smart light pole screen, COB, Mini4 in one and other technologies are also constantly emerging in the industry, and our products are no longer comparable.

In an era when there is no comparability abroad, we admit that China’s LED display products have a large gap with foreign companies in the past, but the times are changing, technology is advancing, and the China’s LED display gap between levels has been narrowing.

LED display factories

Multilateral assistance, innovation and change

Being bigger but not stronger is a characteristic of the rapid development of China's LED industry. China's LED industry started late, subject to the constraints of patented technology, and inertially relying on patents from foreign giants, causing the entire industry to fall into the quagmire of homogeneous competition and price wars. Many LED companies have exhausted all their efforts just to survive, and can no longer focus on technological innovation, product development and other projects that require time, manpower and material resources.

Such expenditures in return are invisible, but indispensable. At present, although general conventional products can be manufactured in China, they still rely on imports in high-performance high-end areas. How to let companies slow down and calm down to make products is a problem that the entire LED industry needs to solve urgently.

Enterprises themselves need to focus on the improvement of R&D and innovation capabilities and the accumulation of technical experience, and focus on the development of core technologies. displays The main cost of LED lies in the LED light source modules. LED display companies can only continuously improve their technological innovation capabilities and innovation efficiency to enrich and complete Industrial system, thereby enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

The assistance of the country and the market is also an important factor to promote the development of the industry. The country can make industrial planning to vigorously develop and promote the development of the LED display industry. The country encourages industry innovation and provides special assistance to innovative enterprises. Encourage and protect innovative technologies to the greatest extent. Under the trend of innovation and change, the market climate will also blow in a better direction.

With the advent of the new era, "manufacturing" is shifting to "intelligent manufacturing", with more emphasis on innovation, improving the overall quality and technical level of "Made in China", accelerating the technological upgrading, transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises, and enabling China to transform from a manufacturing country to a major manufacturing country as soon as possible.

With the transformation of a manufacturing powerhouse, the led display industry must keep up with the trend. In the tide of the times, brave the wind and waves to usher in a better tomorrow.

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