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May 31,2021| LED Knowledge

With the advent of the digital age, the living space of traditional media has been weakened, the position of television as the industry leader has been surpassed, and paper media have been transforming to find a way out. Compared with the decline of traditional media business, the story of outdoor advertising is completely different. It is widely used in the scenes we live in, and the form is richer and diversified. As a result, the way of interaction between brands and consumers is changing subtly.

outdoor advertising display

LED display has been developed in the outdoor advertising market for more than ten years. Due to its large area and stunning visual effects, LED outdoor large screens can attract the public's attention more than billboards and other products. It is a new combination of media and high technology.

 At the same time, as the commercial value increases year by year, in addition to carrying the effective communication of the brand logo, name and culture, the outdoor also bears the important mission of showing the image of the city. Nowadays, the outdoor advertising LED display LED display has become a must The darling of the outdoor media.

The year is the ninth year of continuous growth in global advertising revenue, and the only "traditional" media category that has seen moderate growth is outdoor advertising. According to data, the NAR of global outdoor advertising in 2018 is expected to increase by 4.6% to reach US$34 billion.

The global outdoor advertising market is expected to reach US$50.7 billion in 2020. From the above data, we can see a huge outdoor advertising market development, and led display new trends as outdoor advertising media in the 21st century, the future market outlook is immeasurable, is expected to 2021 of outdoor led display will reach 157 Billion US dollars, will grow at a compound annual rate of 15.9%.

It can be seen that the outdoor LED display market has developed rapidly and has occupied entire LED display half of the market. In the current increasingly fierce market competition, the outdoor advertising market has become market for many LED display a hot manufacturers vying to seize. . Insiders predict that outdoor future LED displays the market size of in the may reach hundreds of billions.

 This assertion is like thunder on the ground, which is both exciting and nervous. Undoubtedly, the outdoor advertising market in 2019 will definitely become LED displays. screen The key Nuggets market for companies.

Of course, in addition to the increase in market capacity, the promulgation of relevant national favorable policies has also contributed to LED display companies in the outdoor advertising market. For example, in the 2018 Shanghai Import Expo, national leaders have repeatedly emphasized the need to accelerate the "Belt and Road". Economic and trade cooperation, which will effectively to the outdoor led display bring new opportunities for overseas development industry.

outdoor advertising display

 Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises in a passive state, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and other countries with small market capacity and low development level have become potential markets worthy of "deep digging". Under the high saturation of the domestic market , Outdoor LED display companies must seek new markets to satisfy their survival and development. At this time, the "Belt and Road" is "escorting" these companies to help them develop overseas markets smoothly.

However, the outdoor led display today's rapid development, outdoor LED advertising screen chaos, light pollution, noise and other negative factors for the big city management had a negative impact, and even affect the daily life of residents. For example, in 2018, the a commercial district in Chongqing was LED advertising screen in operating all night, which seriously affected the rest of the surrounding residents.

The residents had no choice but to take the advertising operator to court. Numerous such cases, in order to standardize led display running time and the product brightness, October 1, 2018 China formally promulgated the " led display disturbing light evaluation requirements" on the led display classification and evaluation requirements were disturbing light at night Clearly defined.

The promulgation of the New Deal undoubtedly for outdoor LED display points out the way out manufacturers, but at the same time, it also puts forward higher technical requirements to them. In order to further regulate outdoor LED advertising screens the healthy development of in China, China's outdoor LED advertising screen manufacturers should pay more attention to the improvement in the technical field, and strive to use various "high-precision" technologies to make the outdoor field enter the high-end commercial display market.

From the perspective of the entire outdoor LED display market, the LED outdoor display needs to be further improved, and the technology and talents also need to be strengthened. The market scale will continue to expand, and led display the price of the needs to be strengthened.

In the future, with the further improvement of outdoor products, LED outdoor screens can be integrated and developed with the city, not only will not damage the appearance of the city, but will also increase the charm of the city and inject great vitality into the city. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is a typical case. The huge covering the tower surface LED display has become a symbol of the city, creating huge commercial value for Dubai.

to sum up

Nowadays, the outdoor advertising market is becoming more standardized, and the potential market for LED outdoor screens has also been further explored, of LED display screens bringing new business opportunities for the development . In 2019, the outdoor led display field will usher in another explosive year. Facing such a huge Red Sea market, led display manufacturers should firmly seize the opportunity and occupy an important position in the outdoor market.

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