Why did the giant naked eye 3D LED display explode?

Jun 04,2021| LED Knowledge

Naked eye 3D is a general term used to achieve stereoscopic visual effects without the use of external tools such as polarized glasses.

At present, the representatives of this type of technology mainly include light barrier technology and cylindrical lens technology.

The naked eye 3D vision training system can effectively restore the binocular stereo vision of amblyopia children and significantly improve the visual acuity of school-age children with mild myopia.

The younger the age, the smaller the myopic refraction, the better the visual improvement effect of training children.

In the past two years, naked eye 3D LED displays have appeared frequently, attracting people's attention with shocking and lifelike picture effects.

In fact, the naked eye 3D LED display technology has been launched as early as 2012, but there are not many practical application cases. The biggest problem that hinders the popularization of this technology is the lack of relevant technologies and the layout of resources and applications.

As the application of LED display more and more widely, however, people is higher and higher demand for creative display, 2 d graphic display can not meet the increasing demand, people are more hope to be able to really restore the three-dimensional information of the real world, therefore, a 3 d display technology in the application of transparent LED screen has become the research hot spot and direction in recent years.

So why are giant, bare-eye 3D LED displays so popular?

bare-eye 3D LED displays

At present, the mainstream naked eye 3D technology means include: slit liquid crystal grating, cylindrical lens, pointing light source, active backlight.

1, Slit liquid crystal grating.

The technique works by adding a slit grating to the front of the screen so that an image that should be seen by the left eye is obscured by an opaque streak on the LCD screen.

In the same way, when an image is displayed on a LCD screen that should be seen by the right eye, an opaque streak obscures the left eye, allowing the viewer to see a 3D image by separating the view from the right eye.

2. Column lens.

The principle of this technology is to project the corresponding pixel points of the left and right eyes into the left and right eyes respectively through the refraction principle of the lens to achieve image separation.

The biggest advantage over slit grating technology is that the lens does not block the light, so the brightness is greatly improved.

3. Point to the light source, which is simply to accurately control two sets of screens to project images to the left and right eyes respectively.

bare-eye 3D LED displays

A practical example of a giant naked eye 3D LED display:

1. Chengdu Taikoo Li naked eye 3D LED display: Taikoo Li web celebrity LED giant screen is located in the Taikoo Li core business district of Chunxi Road, Chengdu. The project resolution reaches 8K, and the total area is 888㎡.

2. Chongqing Guanyin Bridge naked eye 3D LED display: a large mysterious spaceship slowly drove out of the building and flew around the building, just like being in the scene of a science fiction movie...

Such a feast of the visual senses has already appeared in our lives.

3.Beijing road of guangzhou open hole 3 d LED screen surface: recently in Beijing road pedestrian street had just finished upgrading of guangzhou xinda new department store building, using the same open hole 3 d high-definition curved LED display, the nation's largest open hole 3 d high-definition curved LED display for XDX department "chun yan", let the one hundred - year - old "cool".

The technology and the impact are impressive.

Compared with other screens, 3D LED display pixels can glow by themselves, featuring higher brightness, brighter colors, higher contrast, ultra-thin and other features. It has a natural and comfortable field of vision and a wider viewing Angle, and can be integrated into creative display to create a more realistic and shocking immersive experience scene.

In VR, AR, stage art and other immersive specific places have a broad prospect.

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