What are the advantages of the stage LED background screen?

Jun 04,2021| LED Knowledge

In recent years, LED display is not only widely used in advertising media, or an important element of TV variety shows and stage background. With the progress of technology and the cost reduction of manufacturing LED display, LED display has been widely used in daily life, especially in the wedding scene.

LED display can be perfectly progressive with the content of the wedding process, expand the visual space of guests, make the wedding more fashionable with movie blockbuster dynamic, change the traditional wedding background design, greatly enhance the wedding site happiness and sense of participation.

Next, let's learn more about the stage LED background screen!

Stage LED background screen

Stage LED background screen design method:

1. Embedded: Embedded is that the stage LED background screen is embedded in a frame of the stage background.

The stage background is mostly built with KT board background, or is built with cloth curtain yarn background.

2. Modular type: Modular type is that the stage LED background screen is placed in the center and integrated with the background board on both sides to form a stage background with an overall design.

At present, this kind of design scheme is accepted by more people who choose the stage LED background screen.

The advantage is that the large area of the screen display makes the visual enjoyment more excellent, and as a part of the stage background appears more harmonious.

3. Single vertical: the background of the whole stage only has the stage LED background screen, no KT board, and no other stage design elements. All logos, images and pictures are displayed through this stage LED background screen.

4. Discrete: stage LED backdrop background or as a whole, or is the KT board design, or the gauze curtain design, but the stage LED backdrop is set in the background plate, side or both sides, or only on one side, stage LED backdrop for the temporary play wedding photos or video Settings, and no and integrated the background of the stage.

The advantage is that it can reduce the design requirements for the stage background, and the stage LED background screen can be completed with more flexible and simple materials.

Stage LED background screen

The advantages of the stage LED background screen:

1. Create atmosphere: on the traditional stage, people will be attracted by the gorgeous costumes even when they see the dance movements of the dancers, so it is difficult for users to truly feel the deep meaning of the dance.

Now through the use of stage LED background screen on the stage, in the performance process, the stage LED background screen plays the corresponding background picture, in order to create the atmosphere in line with the theme of the dance, so that users can be more immersed in the performance.

2. The visual effect of shock: general performance in the process of people will be shocked by the action of uniform of a dancer, and the fusion stage LED backdrop, stage, through the exquisite realistic images, follow the music dance moves, reduce the distance between the audience and actors, present a striking performance, bring the audience more sensory experience.

3. Changing scene: general multiple scenarios are used in the stage in order to fit different programs, and stage LED backdrop is able to achieve such effect, to adapt to changes in flexible scene, can be done in an instant picture switching, also showed clear vivid images, rich in content and effect of audiences in beauty to enjoy.

The application of stage LED background screen on the stage, the situation will play to the most incisively and vividly, an all-round display of the beauty of the stage, create a beautiful visual effect, to the user to bring a strong visual impact.

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