What will American customers pay attention to when purchasing P3.91 LED display screen?

Jun 16,2021| LED Knowledge

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet era, various types of terminal display devices are also emerging in endlessly. Today, let’s understand the important precautions for the use of the JYLED display, one of the mainstream terminal display devices.

LED is a light source conductor that uses light-emitting diodes as luminescent materials. As a solid-state semiconductor device, it can directly convert electrical energy into light energy; and the LED display is also this advanced digital information product. The successful combination of computer technology, image processing technology, network communication technology, embedded control technology and other technologies makes it have a flexible display area and can be spliced ​​arbitrarily, high resolution, high brightness, low heat, long life, low Power consumption, economical, environmentally friendly and durable, and other performance advantages, is this terminal display product that can be displayed as a whole.

However, LED display screens also have certain "disadvantages". Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to when buying or using:

first. The filling factor should be high:

So, what is the fill factor? The fill factor of the LED display screen is also called the ratio of the bright area, that is, the ratio of each light-emitting area to the physical surface area occupied by the pixel. Moreover, the Maipu brilliant LED display is composed of discrete pixels, and there are obvious non-luminous black areas between the pixels. Therefore, when viewed at close range, the picture is inconsistent and incomplete, and uneven brightness produces a grainy feeling. The light-emitting source is limited to a small pixel surface area, so that when the brightness of a single pixel is several times or even more than ten times the brightness of the entire screen, it will cause a more serious glare. The TCO’99 standard recognized by the flat panel display industry stipulates that the fill factor of display devices should not be less than 50%.

The LED display with the same dot pitch has more attenuation than a large filling factor, so the shooting distance needs to be increased; if the system low-pass filter passband is 4MHZ, the high-frequency attenuation characteristic is 12dp times Frequency range, then the shooting distance with a filling factor of 25% will attenuate 1.15dp more than that with a filling factor of 50%, and the shooting distance needs to be increased by about 10%.
P3.91 LED display screen

Therefore, the higher the fill factor, the wider the viewing angle of the display screen and the more ideal color mixing effect; therefore, the problem of glare is solved, and conditions are created for appropriately increasing the brightness of the entire screen to obtain better results. ; And bring soft, beautiful, uniform, clear and delicate high-quality picture quality.

Second. The point spacing should be small:

The dot pitch is the distance between the center point of the pixel adjacent to the JYLED display screen. The smaller the dot pitch, the more pixels per unit area, the higher the resolution, and the closer the shooting distance can be; therefore, in order to achieve a good display effect, you must pay attention to the resolution of the signal source and the dot pitch. The relationship between them, and strive to achieve the same resolution, has achieved point-to-point display, so as to achieve the best display effect.
P3.91 LED display screen

Third, the adjustment status of color temperature

The color temperature is the temperature determined by comparing the shape of the emission spectrum of the emitter with the shape of the blackbody emission spectrum fitted by ZUI. For example: when the studio uses the LED display screen as the background to display the picture, its color temperature should be consistent with the color temperature of the indoor light in the studio, so that accurate color reproduction can be obtained during shooting; therefore, as long as the LED display screen is adjusted to the corresponding color temperature, Satisfactory shooting results can be obtained.

Four, suitable use environment:

As an integrated electronic product, LED display is mainly composed of control boards equipped with electronic components, light-emitting devices, switching power supplies and other components; and the stability and life of these components are closely related to the environment in which they are used . When the actual working temperature exceeds the specified use range of the product, it will not only shorten the service life, but the product itself will also be severely damaged.

If working in a dusty environment, the deposition of dust will also affect the heat dissipation of electronic components, causing the temperature of the components to rise, resulting in a decrease in thermal stability and even leakage. In more serious cases, it will It will cause the equipment to burn down and cause huge economic losses, so the use environment should also be the "top priority" of attention.

The above is a brief analysis of the important precautions for the use of the JYLED display, for reference only.

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