What are the benefits of using P3.91 LED rental screens for stage performance companies?

Jun 16,2021| LED Knowledge

Among the many kinds of LED display screens, there is a rental LED display screen specially used for stage performances and special effects display. This kind of display screen is generally composed of P3.91, P4.81, P5 and other models. This article focuses on the advantages of P3.91 led rental screens.
P3.91 LED display screen

1. Save equipment investment cost

Since the scale of various performances performed by companies specializing in various cultural activities may be different, it is necessary to use different sizes of rental led screens, and each P3.91 led rental screen is purchased at cost.

For performing arts companies, it is not economical to purchase a large number of rental screens as a backup, and obtain the right to use performances by professional screening companies through leasing, while P3.91led rental screens only require one payment and can be used for a long time, which can save money. A lot of equipment investment costs.
P3.91 LED display screen

2. No management and maintenance

For the performing arts company, because the LED rental screen is rented, as long as the performance process ensures that the rental screen can operate normally, and be careful not to let it crash and fall, after all, this may cause damage. Then you can rent out the JYLED indoor P3.91 led display to other partners in need after the performance. Therefore, performing arts companies do not need to use special places for preservation and management.

3. Saved labor cost

When a performing arts company holds an event, as long as it negotiates with the led rental screen rental company in advance, the rental company will deliver the required led rental screen at the specified time, and will provide professional and technical personnel for installation and commissioning. This saves labor costs for transportation and installation.

The above are the benefits of using led rental screens for performing arts companies. For a performing arts company in operation, reducing all costs can achieve the highest profitability. Moreover, P3.91 rents LED display screen, when not in use, it can also be rented to other partners in need and earn expenses from it.

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