What hardware is made up in the P2.5 indoor full-color led display?

Jun 17,2021| LED Knowledge

LED display light-emitting chip:

LED electronic screen chip is the basis of production. From the point of view of cost performance, the market utilization rate of Epistar chips is also very high. Electronic products get what you pay for. Although the price cannot completely determine the quality, it reflects the quality to a certain extent.

LED display light-emitting chip

LED display drive IC:

drive IC is a major factor in the quality of the display. Because the pin of the driver chip directly controls the LED tube, cheap and low-grade driver IC will make the display unstable and prone to phenomena such as false soldering.

LED display power supply:

electricity is the root cause of electronic products and an indispensable part of the LED display. Speaking of electricity, naturally, I have to mention the electronic screen power supply. The display screen does not directly use 380v or 220v power, but is converted into 5v voltage through a professional power supply. The quality of the power supply determines the stability and life of the display to a large extent. If the quality of the power supply is not enough, it will easily burn out, which will affect the use of the display.

LED display power supply
LED electronic screen circuit board

LED electronic screen circuit board:

the circuit board is the layout platform of the display screen. The influence of the circuit board on the display is heat dissipation, energy saving, stable performance, etc. The high quality of the circuit board will greatly reduce the failure rate of the display and reduce the power consumption.

LED display mask and kit:

The mask affects whether the display screen is blurred, and the kit affects the waterproof, antifreeze and softening of the LED display. If the display mask does not meet the standard, the entire display screen will not look good, the blurred screen is very serious and the effect is greatly reduced. Low-quality kits tend to soften and bend under high temperature conditions in summer, which will directly lead to irregular arrangement of LED lights on the display screen, and break easily at low temperatures in winter, and will also cause deformation and water ingress into the large screen. Make the display unusable or scrapped

LED large-screen control system

LED large-screen control system:

The LED display screen must be controlled by a computer if it is to be played normally. Usually, the LED display screen is controlled by the computer. A sending card is installed in the computer, and a receiving card is installed on the display screen. The computer sends information to the display screen, and then the receiving card displays the information. If the quality of the LED large-screen control system is not up to standard, the display screen will encounter major problems, and even the entire display screen will often be black or some areas will not light up.

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