How do Shenzhen LED manufacturers reinforce LED electronic screens?

Jun 17,2021| LED Knowledge

At present, most of the LED electronic screens on the market use steel to make the main frame. This is because the strength of steel is much higher than other engineering materials, but the steel will be washed by different substances such as temperature, rain, dust and so on in the outdoor environment. , It is easy to have a bad influence on the steel, causing the steel to be oxidized.

After the LED electronic screen has been used for many years, we need to reinforce it, so what should we do if we want to reinforce the LED electronic screen? Next, Shenzhen LED display manufacturer-JYLED manufacturer will share with you several reinforcement methods.
Workers reinforce the steel structure of an LED outdoor display

1. Make a concrete enclosure, increase the foundation area at the bottom of the led electronic screen, change the shortcomings of small foundation, lower foundation, and insufficient bearing capacity, so as to achieve the role of strengthening equipment;

2. Make pillars, piles and other piles at the bottom or on both sides of the led electronic screen to achieve the role of reinforcement;

3. Make chemical grouting, pour the chemical grouting into the loose foundation and ground evenly and evenly to fill up the gaps, so as to strengthen the LED electronic screen and improve the stability;

4. For some outer steel structures, some waterproof and dustproof coatings can be added. This not only protects the steel structure inside, but also plays a beautifying role.

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