What is the ordering process of the LED electronic display?

Jun 17,2021| LED Knowledge

As the application of LED displays becomes more widespread, after all, LED displays can be placed indoors or outdoors, and the installation method can be flexibly changed according to the requirements of businesses, such as football LEDs used on football fields. The display screens include LED indoor monitoring display screens placed indoors for display and monitoring, and even roof screens and shelf screens placed on the roof and shelves.

Part of the LED display cases

Therefore, after seeing it, many businesses can't help but want to start one to display their activity videos or graphic information. So if you want to order a display, what process does it need to go through? Next, Shenzhen LED display manufacturer-JYLED will share with you.

The common LED electronic display ordering process is mainly composed of six steps:

1. Customer demand consultation. Customers will put forward their own needs and prices to the manufacturers after choosing the LED electronic display screen, and choose the manufacturer after comparison;

2. Develop a plan. LED electronic display manufacturers will formulate detailed plans according to customer needs, including the installation time, location, and installation tools required for the electronic display;

3. Sign the contract. After the LED electronic display manufacturer discusses the price, installation time, installation address and other detailed information of the electronic display with the customer, it starts to sign the contract. After waiting for the customer to pay, the manufacturer prepares and ships the goods;

4. Installation and acceptance. After the led electronic display arrives, the manufacturer will arrange staff to test and adjust the construction site, as well as installation, post-installation commissioning, and wait for the customer's on-site acceptance after commissioning;

5. After sale. According to the needs of customers, LED electronic display manufacturers will provide guidance on equipment maintenance and regular return visits.

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