What are the differences in LED certification in different countries?

Jun 18,2021| LED Knowledge

As international trade becomes more and more extensive, the demand for LED displays in Europe and the United States and other countries has increased, and the requirements for certification and implementation of technical standards have become more stringent. Therefore, LED display manufacturers have only Will pay more and more attention.

Different countries and regions have different requirements for certification. For example, the most common power supply may be 220V in our country, but 110V in some western countries. Therefore, it is more important to understand the certification of different countries for foreign export trade.

LED certification
LED certification

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LED display certification in different countries and regions

The United States ETL, UL, FCC (mandatory), CSA-US, Energy Sound certification led display products mainly follow UL8750 "LED equipment used in lighting products" and combined with specific lighting safety standards for consideration.

The "Equipment Efficiency Regulations 2009" promulgated by California in 2009 increased the requirements for light output, luminous efficiency, color temperature, and color rendering index of portable LED lamps.

Canadian CSA, ULCULICCETL American certifications are mostly suitable for the Canadian market

Japanese VCCI, PSE (mandatory) "S" mark PSE round can be tested and certified by domestic third-party laboratories; PSE diamond is tested by a third-party laboratory and then reviewed and certified by a Japanese institution.

Korea KC, KCC, ATT;

European CE (mandatory), VDE, GSRoshs test the EMC requirements of TUVLED lamps and lanterns, mainly IEC/EN61547 EMC immunity requirements for daily lighting appliances, IEC/EN61000-3-2 harmonic current emission limits, IEC/EN61000-3-3 Voltage fluctuation and flicker limit and EN55015 radio interference characteristic limit and measurement method.

Australia C-TICK (mandatory) SAA (mandatory);

China CCC (mandatory) CQC In order to improve the competitiveness of domestic LEDs, relevant national departments have exported relatively complete LED calibrations;

Other international: CB Russia: GOST, Brazil: UC, Nigeria: SONCAP, etc.

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