How about the indoor LED display in JYLED p1.25 NationStar Gold Wire package?

Jul 02,2021| LED Knowledge

How about the indoor LED display in JYLED p1.25 NationStar Gold Wire package?

Everyone knows that the LED display market is now mixed, and all walks of life are selling LED displays. As a result, it is inevitable that there will be a variety of products that seem to be very low-priced, but are actually not of good quality.

JYLED strictly controls the quality of LED products, and eliminates the use of inferior products to charge them well, so that customers can buy them with peace of mind. The reason for this is that JYLED uses the high-quality national star gold-wire packaged LED lamp beads. Not only the brightness of the LED display is more than 2 times that of ordinary LEDs, but its service life is also longer than that of ordinary LED lamp beads. 10 times higher.

JYLED keeps pace with the times and has the courage to innovate. Now JYLED has launched a strong meeting display solution, with eight highlights that meet the requirements of meeting rooms of different specifications and significantly improve meeting efficiency.
JYLED p1.25 NationStar Gold Wire package LED Indoor meeting display

Seamless splicing, the screen can be arbitrarily large or small

JYLLED LED display screens are all made up of modules, seamlessly spliced, and outperform DLP splicing screens and LCD splicing screens with physical splicing. According to the requirements of meeting rooms of different specifications, large-size screens of 2K, 4K, 8K... can be spliced ​​at will.

Any terminal can be directly connected to the LED display, the conference display is more flexible and efficient

Any terminal can be directly connected to the large LED screen through the corresponding line (network, HDMI cable, wireless network, etc.) to realize the simultaneous interconnection of the small screen and the large screen, and control the large screen through the small screen, releasing more flexibility and operability.

Mobile phone control screen is flexible and simple, synchronized annotations to outline the key points

JYLED LED electronic screen, on top of carrying the "any terminal" function, allows the LED display to give full play to the advantages of "small module, large display", making conference display more flexible and efficient.

High-definition eye-catching, participants are more focused in the meeting

The brightness of the LED display in the conference room can be adjusted, and it can adapt to changes in environmental brightness at any time without closing the window, allowing you to bid farewell to the projection and bid farewell to the "little black room".

The ultra-high-definition LED display in the conference room achieves high-definition display with a refresh frequency of ≥3840Hz, and there is no water ripple when taking pictures. Coupled with high definition, high saturation, and high contrast, it is easy to create a bright, open and efficient meeting environment. It can improve the audience's attention, strengthen the influence of the speech, and upgrade the entire conference experience.

Quick response, stable picture quality, smooth and efficient meetings

It adopts nanosecond display technology to process fast dynamic pictures without tailing and ghost superimposition. The image quality is stable, no shadows, no image jitter and misalignment, and the visual effect is clearer and shocking, so that the meeting is smooth and not stuck, which greatly saves time and improves efficiency.
p1.25 indoor led display display effect

Ultra-wide viewing angle, the details of large meetings can also be seen at a glance

It has an ultra-wide viewing angle of 120° or 160°, and any position is a C-position viewing angle. Even if every part of the 100-person meeting is at a glance, even the details of the screen will not be missed, bringing a different visual feast to the participants.

Long service life, more exciting achievements

JYLED LED display has a long life of 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to the sum of the lifespan of 33.3 projectors (the typical life of a projector is only 3000 hours), breaking the time limit and achieving more exciting achievements.

Lower maintenance costs and smaller installation space

With beautiful cabinet installation, it supports front maintenance, faster installation and low maintenance cost. In addition, the display screen can be installed on the wall without preserving maintenance channels, saving more than 70% of installation space, and there is no need to worry about the display screen occupying the meeting room space. Efficient heat dissipation, no fan required, silent work, and no interruption to the meeting.

A variety of models, multiple product series, to meet your different needs

The luxurious and high-performance L series, the luxurious and exclusive S series, and the economical and affordable P series, each series has products with different dot pitches. Whether it is a small, medium, or large conference room, it can fit.

The LED display in small and medium meeting rooms can be made with small-pitch products, and large meeting rooms and lecture halls can be made with indoor full-color products. Meeting rooms of government enterprises and institutions, schools, and hospitals have been widely used and are well received

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