Which points should be paid attention to when choosing LED display?

Jul 12,2021| LED Knowledge

At present, the LED display screens on the market can be described as a dazzling array. Among the products of different brands and prices, consumers often buy LED screens that are not suitable for their needs or even the quality cannot be guaranteed. So how do you choose LED display?

What I want to remind everyone here is that it is necessary to choose a suitable display according to the characteristics of different LED displays and the actual needs of users.

Generally speaking, for the guidance of people flow at the entrances and exits of stations, docks, large markets, and elevator entrances, the use of monochrome display screens has the advantages of clear fonts, low prices, and fleet control. For banks, shopping malls and other occasions to display corporate images, advertisements and other applications, low prices are required. In terms of displaying text information, P10 outdoor and semi-outdoor displays are selected.

The display effect is required, using indoor P5, P6, P7.62, P8 full-color display and outdoor, P10, P12, P16, P20 full-color display, so we must first know which type of LED display we belong to before choosing an LED display .  

(1) Brightness   Indoor LED display screens installed in normal illuminance environment are indoor display screens.  Outdoor display should be used for outdoor installation. Semi-outdoor display screens should be used for installations in open halls, eaves, outdoor canopies or under sunny roofs and other environments with strong light.
LED display Brightness

(2) Display content  If it is mainly used to display pictures or video images, then a full-color display should be selected. The video image needs at least 60,000 dots or more, so the resolution of the display, that is, the total pixel density, Generally, it should be at least X row × Y column = 60,000 dots or more to play the video before the effect can be seen.

If you take a P16mm outdoor display screen as an example, the display screen should be above 16㎡;  If it is mainly used to display text, data, tables, three-dimensional graphics, and animation, then dual-base color grayscale display should be selected;  If it is mainly used to display text , Data, tables, two-dimensional graphics, then you can choose the dual-base color graphic display;  

If it is mainly used to display text, data, and tables, then a monochrome graphic display can be selected.
led Display content

(3) Information capacity and viewing distance 

Choosing a display screen also needs to consider the information capacity and a better viewing distance. The content of the information displayed on the display screen is unlimited, but the content that appears on one screen at the same time is limited. After the area of ​​the display screen is originally determined, it is necessary to calculate whether the area of ​​the display screen can meet the needs of the display content. 

In summary, from the perspective of use, the following factors must be considered when choosing a display screen: brightness, display content, information capacity, and viewing distance.

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