How to interact with the large led screen?

Jul 13,2021| LED Knowledge

Q: How to interact with the large led screen? With the impact of information technology, product initiative can arouse user experience far more than viewing, so AI, V/AR, and interaction are more favored by users. Speaking of interaction, LED large screen interaction is a very enjoyable experience.

The presentation of the giant screen picture itself has a sense of impact, which can be experienced in the giant screen movie theater. In front of the huge screen, the dynamic picture display, the surround sound makes people fall into it, and enjoy it. The addition of interactive elements is not only to watch, but to further experience and add to it

The most common ones for large led screen interaction are touch display and led floor tile screen. Touch display is very common nowadays, such as automatic ticket dispensers in movie theaters, but some of the screens are liquid crystals, and some are leds. Liquid crystals should be mostly because of the relatively small area of this screen; large touch screens used in classrooms are also LEDs Yes, the impact of small LED spacing on indoor occasions makes LED large screens more and more opportunities for indoor applications. At present, the display used in classrooms is mainly projection, but the limitations of projection are relatively obvious, and the outdoor brightness is high. , The indoor picture display is not clear. At this stage, there are more and more cases of small-pitch LED projects in the classroom, and the feedback is good, especially the addition of interactive effects, classroom interaction, and the spread of knowledge. Compared with other displays, large LED screens have high brightness, good color, ultra-high definition with small spacing, and interactive bonuses. LED large screens will be more and more used in classrooms in the future; interactive large screens used in exhibition halls are all It is a led display screen. This type of display screen has a large area and a design (immersion space, tunnel design, arc shape, flower shape, etc.), which is suitable for led display screens.

The led floor tile screen is the most common large led screen interaction, and the interaction at the concert is a good display. The large screen interaction in the concert, whether it is the floor or the sliding screen or the erection of the large screen, is completed by the large LED screen. The gravity or radar sensor of the led floor tile screen can react to the action in real time. If there is no screen interaction, it can also be triggered by body induction.

The led large screen interaction is more popular among users, because it can be experienced on the spot, and the experience is far more real than watching, and V/AR has also driven the development of these aspects, and users are relatively familiar or familiar with this knowledge, so It will not produce resistance and is more acceptable. Perhaps in the near future, JYled large-screen interaction is no longer limited to giving people a better experience in terms of visual and sound perception. It may be used in a clothing store in a shopping mall. The human body stands at a designated place and clicks to switch in the air to complete the real-time Look at the effect by changing the outfit, which brings a more convenient effect display.

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