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Jul 13,2021| LED Knowledge

Question: How should the LED display screen be operated and controlled correctly?


  How should the LED display screen be operated and controlled correctly? All the content displayed on the LED display is controlled by the background, which requires us to be very familiar with the background. The following JYLED editor will mainly talk about the operation of ED display control.

  First of all, we must learn to identify the equipment of the control panel. This is not difficult. Before you learn, you must first back up the software: WIN2003, WINXP, applications, software installation programs, databases, etc. It is recommended to use the "one-key restore" software, which is easy to operate. This prepares you to recover from your mistakes later. After that, you must be proficient in installation methods, original data recovery, and backup. After learning to restore data, you can learn the setting of control parameters and the modification of basic data presets. Then proficiently use the program, operation and editing. Check for viruses regularly and delete irrelevant data.

  Secondly, in the control operation of the LED display screen, pay attention to the zero and fire of the computer and the control part of the power line. The power line should not be reversed, and it should be plugged in strictly according to the original position. This is very important because it not only affects the safety of the equipment, but also concerns the safety of the operators. If there are peripherals, after the connection is completed, you should test whether the case is live. When using a mobile computer and other control equipment, check the connection line and control board for looseness before powering on; if it is used frequently, regular maintenance and inspection are required. If the wiring needs to be lengthened or changed during use, be sure to ask professional personnel.

  Finally, after the product is sold, the position and length of the communication line and flat connection line cannot be changed at will. If abnormal phenomena such as short circuit, tripping, wire burning, smoke, etc. are found after moving, the power test should not be repeated to avoid fire, and the problem should be found in time.

 Question: How long is the service life of the LED display?


   How long is the service life of the LED display? LED display is a new type of display device. Compared with traditional display methods, it has many advantages, such as long service life, high brightness, fast response speed, long viewing distance, and strong environmental adaptability. The humanized design makes the LED display screen easy to install and maintain, can be used flexibly anytime and anywhere, suitable for many installation conditions, and the displayed scenery is also a harmonious image, and it is also an item of energy saving and emission reduction, and green environmental protection. So, how long is the service life of a general LED display?

 The use of LED display is divided into indoor and outdoor. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, its service life is more than 100,000 hours. Because the backlight is generally LED light, the life of the backlight is equivalent to that of the LED screen.

 Even if it is used 24 hours a day without interruption, the equivalent lifetime theory is more than 10 years, and the half-life is 50,000 hours. Of course, these are theoretical values! How long it can actually be used is also closely related to the use environment and maintenance quality of the product. Good maintenance and maintenance methods are the foundation of the life of the LED display. Therefore, the LED display purchased by the consumer must have quality and service as the premise.


What are the reasons for the full-color LED display screen?

If the small-pitch full-color LED display is just installed and powered on, the vast majority of the reason is that the scanning of the LED software control card is not correct, and the other is that the cable is not plugged in correctly.

If it is because of the phenomenon of blurry screen found after using for a period of time, most of the reason is the failure of the control card. The biggest reason for the failure of the control card is the damage of the chip or power supply caused by water seepage of the full-color LED display panel.

If you want to solve this kind of problem, you can try to connect a DVI interface monitor, and observe whether the signal of the DVI output port of the graphics card is normal. In addition, the reason for the blurring of the small-pitch full-color LED display may also be the problem of the graphics card and the driver. If it is really a graphics card and driver problem, we suggest that you can try to replace the network cable of the receiving card behind the full-color LED display with the debug button on the receiving card to see if the display cabinet scans normally.

The last one may be the cause of the blurring of the small-pitch full-color LED display. I will also share with you here.

(1) The full-color LED display screen cannot be displayed. Solution: Check whether the power supply of the display screen is normal, whether there is strong current input, and will it cause a low or high level.

(2) The full-color LED display is not normal, blurred or unclear. Solution: Check whether the parameter setting of the LED control card is correct, and whether the communication line is in normal communication.

(3) Part of the full-color LED display screen displays abnormally, such as a black screen and a blurry screen.

Solution: Check whether the power supply is working normally and whether the signal transmission line of the screen body is faulty.

What are the benefits of outdoor led display?

  What are the benefits of outdoor led display? The led display is a tool for advertising. The led display can play video, image recognition, and text promotion, which can effectively improve the accuracy of information push. So what are the benefits of the advertising display?

  1. Strong visual impact

  The large-size, dynamic, and sound-and-picture LED display stimulates the audience’s senses in an all-round way, and effectively conveys information to guide consumption.

  02, wide coverage

  LED display screens are generally installed in high-end commercial areas and transportation hubs with high crowd density. Through high-frequency communication with consumers, consumers have a strong desire to buy.

  03. Long release period

  The led display screen can be played uninterruptedly for a long time, and its information transmission is all-weather. It can better guide the crowd of potential customers and enable businesses to achieve better publicity effects with less cost.

  4. Low cost

  The led display screen can effectively cooperate with the broadcast of TV advertisements: and the cost is only 1% of TV advertisements to achieve the effect of deepening TV advertisements.

  5. No need to modify the cost of advertising

  Compared with traditional forms of advertising, such as printing banners, it will inevitably consume a lot of manpower and material resources once to be modified, while the LED advertising display only needs to be modified on the terminal equipment, and no extra printing costs are required. It can be replaced at any time.

  6. Upgrading the city

  Government agencies use LED display screens to release some government affairs information and city propaganda videos, which can beautify the city's image and improve the city's grade and taste.

  The led display is a tool for advertising. The advertising display can play video, image recognition, and text promotion, which can effectively improve the accuracy of information push.

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