Is there a high price of P3.91 indoor full color LED screen in the United States?

Jul 19,2021| LED Knowledge

P3.91 indoor full color LED screen in the United States has different price markets, which are mainly related to the packaging technology for making P3.91 full color LED screen. The technology for making P3.91 full color LED screen mainly includes In- Four packaging technologies: line (lamp) package, Surface mount (SMD) package, COB package, and Micro LED package. So, do you know which packaging technology is more expensive in the United States?

As far as I know, the price of P3.91 full-color LED display is the most expensive style in the United States:
● Adopting SMD three-in-one technology, so that the display has an ultra-wide viewing angle and better surface flatness when in use;
● The average power is only 200W/m2, super energy saving;
● Lightweight and ultra-thin screen design, the total weight of the box is only 7.3kg, which effectively saves freight costs;
● The flatness error of the whole screen is less than 0.2mm, which can effectively eliminate the mosaic phenomenon;
● Synchronous adjustment of color and brightness to make the picture more delicate and lifelike;
● High contrast and high refresh rate, so that there is no delay or smear phenomenon when the LED display shows the image;
● The cabinet is designed with a suspended installation structure, which makes the assembly process faster;
● The professional packaging and protection of the air box play a good role in protecting the leased control equipment.

The main reasons for choosing P3.91 full-color LED display in most occasions are as follows:

1. The selection of lamp beads

     P3.91 full-color LED display application lamp beads are SMD1921, and its waterproof surface mount three-in-one adopts a subversive design of inner white and outer black, which significantly improves the contrast of the display.

P3.91 indoor full color LED screen shows a picture of a beautiful woman

2. Circuit design

    Of course, the lamp beads must be matched with a high-grade PCB circuit to make the product outstanding. In the P3.91 full-color LED display PCB circuit design, the circuit and the green oil oxygen barrier can prevent the circuit from being wet and oxidized, which fundamentally improves the product service life and the horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 160°. The environment with large drop is suitable for application.

3. Protection level

   It can protect the related equipment of circuit board machinery from environmental erosion, and has good high temperature resistance. After curing, it will form a transparent protective film, which has the properties of insulation, moisture resistance, leakage resistance, dust resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance.

Use of P3.91 indoor full color LED screen in the mall showcase

4. The cabinet is light in weight

     P3.91 full-color LED display is also an advantage in the field of cabinets. The aluminum alloy cabinet structural design is very light and beautiful, not easy to deform, and can be quickly assembled and flattened. It is suitable for rental companies, car screens, mobile media screens and tourist attraction guide screens. It can be installed on the column or wall to greatly reduce the pressure of the screen on the steel structure.

5. Energy-saving design

      The green energy-saving design reduces operating costs and also prolongs the service life of the P3.91 full-color LED display. The use of German low-power bright drive LEDs can save energy ≥20%, and mainstream power supplies can save energy ≥15%.

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