How is the display effect of P3.91 indoor full color LED screen?

Jul 19,2021| LED Knowledge

The salient feature of the indoor P3.91 full-color led display: It adopts 3.91mm ultra-small dot pitch to achieve ultra-high resolution indoors, presenting breathtaking high-definition image effects. It has the characteristics of wide viewing angle, no matter from the top, bottom, left, and right, the color is still true and brilliant, which can meet the needs of viewing from different angles. Using three-in-one led, rgb color mixing effect is good, so that the color performance is more colorful and the image is more realistic. The screen occupies a small volume, the box is light, and the indoor high-density full-color screen displays delicate and vivid images. The surface mount packaging technology, uniformity, brightness, and viewing angles are good. It can be installed and removed quickly, saving you valuable time and labor costs . So,

what effect will the P3.91 full-color LED display have when it is displayed?

Features of P3.91 full-color LED display:
1. High-quality tubes: The tubes are strictly screened by powerful jucai, with stable quality and long service life.
2. Good display effect: using constant current drive chip, the playback effect is bright and smooth;
3. Large viewing angle: Surface mount lamps are used, and the multi-directional viewing effect is consistent;
4. Scientific circuit: The circuit board layout design of the "ground effect" scheme can effectively control the voltage peak value;
5. Striped mask: The ink color of the product is darker, the contrast is better, and the color of the image is truly restored;
6. Good flatness: the bottom shell with multi-reinforced rib structure has good flatness and is not easy to deform;
7. Double-layer protection: high-performance thermal conductive silica gel and three anti-paint protection, the product has stronger weather resistance;
8. Stable quality: complete, high-end, accurate laboratory and quality testing equipment and 135 process shutdown standards to strictly control product quality.

Indoor P3.91 full-color LED display used in the logo mark

The display effect of P3.91 full-color LED display:
1. High resolution: It can perfectly display high-definition picture quality and delicate colors, which can be comparable to LCD to a certain extent.
2. Ultra-long life: Topsun Optoelectronics selects high-quality light-emitting components as the core material of the display and adopts its own circuit board design, which fundamentally guarantees the life of the product.
3. Wide viewing angle: The 160° wide viewing angle is consistent with the height of each luminous tube, and has a large viewing angle both horizontally and vertically, which is suitable for environments with wide horizontal distribution and large height differences.

Indoor P3.91 full-color LED display is showing a picture of a beauty4. Fine picture quality: Non-linear correction technology, fine and clear image effects; vivid and diverse animation effects; smooth and vivid video effects.
5. Seamless splicing: The kit design adopted by Topsun controls the splicing error between modules within plus or minus 0.1mm, which is easy to install and can be made into any shape according to user needs.
6. Good flatness: the ink color of our patented face mask is consistent, so that the contrast of the entire display screen is high; the flatness is good, and the hand feels soft without protruding fingers.
7. Real-time broadcast: It can support DVI, HDMI, 3G/HD/SD three-speed SDI high-definition display mode, suitable for indoor places such as TV video programs, VCD or DVD and live streaming.

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