What is the marketing status of P2 indoor full-color LED screen in the United States?

Jul 20,2021| LED Knowledge

P2 full-color LED display has a real-time display, screen projection is adjustable, picture size can be selected at will, and window picture-in-picture function, rich colors, high saturation, high resolution, is a high-frequency LED full-color display screen. It adopts nonlinear correction technology, distributed scanning technology and modularization technology, which has high reliability and stability, and is easy to operate. It can be played by computer or asynchronously, and various playback effects can be designed by themselves . The system is easy to operate and convenient. simple. As a typical small-pitch full-color LED display, P2 full-color LED display has a broad market advantage. So, what advantages does P2 full-color LED display to have in the US market?

P2 full-color display used in subway stations

1. High maintenance: Compared with traditional SMD packaging, our company's small-pitch display adopts DCOB packaging and technology, which can be wiped and cleaned directly; DCOB lamp beads can with stand vertical pressure of 100N/cm2, which effectively solves small-pitch transportation and installation The phenomenon of bumping off the lamp and falling off of the pad during the process can reduce the maintenance cost of the user.

2. High stability: DCOB technology can effectively be anti-static, anti-corrosion, and anti-oxidation. Compared with SMD discrete devices, DCOB has a lower dead pixel rate with small spacing and long screen life. Users no longer need to store and transport at high temperatures and humidity. And operating environment concerns.

3. Wide color gamut: using RGB three-primary color imaging technology, a broadcast color gamut higher than 115% NTSC, 281 trillion colors, and surface reflective treatment, good light directivity, reduce surface glare, and color performance is more delicate and rich , The horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 170°/170°.

4. Good heat dissipation: The positive and negative poles of the DCOB chip are directly connected to the circuit on the PCB board, the heat conduction path is short, there is no intermediate medium, the thermal resistance is small, the heat dissipation effect is better than the SMD discrete device, and the power saving effect is good.

P2 full-color display is undergoing pre-factory inspection

Main technical parameters of P2 full-color display:

Physical point spacing: 2mm

Physical density: 250,000 dots/㎡

Luminous point color: 1R1G1B

Physical resolution: 64x64px

Unit module size: 128mm*128mm

Best viewing distance: ≥2m

Viewing angle: 100°~160°

Environment temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Maximum power consumption: 1400W/㎡

Control method: Synchronous control

Drive mode: 1/32 scan

Frame change frequency: ≥60Hz

Refresh frequency: ≥3840Hz

Grayscale/color: 16.7M color (full color synchronization), 64K (double color synchronization), 256 levels (monochrome synchronization) can be displayed

White balance brightness: ≥1200cd/㎡

Brightness adjustment method: software 0-100 level adjustment

Computer operating system: WIN7, WinXP, etc.

Working voltage (AC): AC220V±5% 50Hz

Video signal: RF, S-Video, RGB, RGBHV, YUV, YC, COMPOSITION, etc.

The control system adopts: PCIV card + DVI graphics card + sending card + receiving card + network cable (optical fiber) transmission

Meantime between failures: ≥1000 hours

Pixel out of control rate: <0.0002

Lifespan: 100000 hours

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