Is the point of the P2 full-color LED screen as small as possible?

Jul 20,2021| LED Knowledge

The point of P2 full-color LED display is not as small as possible. This requires a reasonable judgment based on the place where the LED display is used. Take the P2 full-color LED display for example.

 This LED display has a smaller number of points and is more suitable for indoor use. Next, I will introduce the reason for it.

The value behind P is the distance between two pixels or lights (in mm), so the distances of P2, P3, and P4 are respectively 2mm, 3mm, 4mm. For the number of points on the same area, P2.5 is better than P3 is more, P3 is more than P4. For example, P2 pixels have 250,000 points on 1 square meter area, P3 pixels have about 111,111 points, and P4 only has 62500 points. The smaller the distance, the higher the pixel. 

The picture The better the clarity. Therefore, P2 and P3 display more clearly than P4.P2 full-color LED display is suitable for use in indoor meeting rooms

The smaller the dot distance of the LED display, the difficulty of production will increase accordingly. The increase of the unit square pixel will increase the cost, and the price will increase relatively, so P2 and P3 are more expensive than P4, but this is not to say that P4 is not good. Because the larger the distance between the dots on the screen, the farther the viewing distance is, there is generally a formula for optimal viewing distance = dot distance/(0.3~0.8), which is an approximate scale. 

This formula calculates that the suitable viewing distance of the P4 full-color LED display is 5-13m, and the effect of viewing the P4 full-color LED display within this distance will be very good, which is sufficient to meet the daily practical display effect. Of course, if you choose P2 and P3 full-color LED displays, the effect will be very good, but the cost will be higher.Full-color LED displays above P2 are suitable for use in outdoor advertising displays

Therefore, it is a wise choice to use an LED display with a larger number of points when the viewing distance is far away. Of course, when the place where the LED display needs to be used is indoors, it is a different matter.

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