How does the P2 full-color LED display go from determining the style to installing and debugging?

Jul 20,2021| LED Knowledge

After determining the need to purchase the P2 full-color LED display and locating the contractor, the customer needs to provide accurate product requirements, and the contractor will provide timely and complete services. So, what information do customers need to provide? And how does the process proceed?

The production process of P2 full-color LED display is critical

Users who need to consult the P2 full-color LED display price quotation need to provide the following relevant information:

1. Scope of application: Whether the P2 full-color LED full-color display is installed indoors or outdoors, or semi-outdoor.

2. Installation places: such as the outer walls of shopping malls, squares, meeting rooms, halls, hotels, stages, etc.

3. Installation method: common fixed installation methods include column type, wall-mounted, inlaid type, hoisting type, etc. If it is a full-color LED display used for stage performances and celebrations, inform whether it needs to be moved frequently, and if it is a full-color full-color display with a rental box for rental, it can be quickly disassembled, installed and transported.

4. Purpose: What content needs to be played, text, picture or video, or any special signal access and playback requirements.

5. Size: Provide the width and height dimensions or area of the P2 full-color LED display.

6. Specifications and models: If you don’t know which model is suitable, you can consult a professional sales engineer, they will give you professional answers and detailed quotation budget plans.

7. Site photos: If possible, provide pictures of the installation location, and take good shots with multi-angle clarity.

8. If the site installation is restricted, please measure the approximate size of the installation location.

The display effect of the P2 full-color LED display is closely related to the information provided by the customer during customization

The cooperation process of P2 full-color LED display:

1. Determine the installation location of the P2 full-color LED display and related data on the length and height of the full-color display

2. Outdoor LED displays need to go through certain approval procedures

3. Consult the price of the P2 full-color LED display required by the manufacturer, determine the LED display partner, and sign a full-color LED display purchase and sale contract

4. The manufacturer is responsible for the construction drawings, and the customer makes the steel structure and basic parts locally

5. P2 full-color LED display manufacturer's accessory material procurement (chips, circuit boards, kits)

6. LED display manufacturers customized cabinets (simple cabinets or sealed waterproof cabinets)

7. The P2 full-color LED display plug-in is completed, and the glue (silicone) is started.

8. After the production of the P2 LED module is completed, the box will be installed

9. Pull the box of the P2 full-color LED display to the aging workshop to fix it, and light it up for testing

10. Continuous aging for more than 72 hours

11. When everything is ready, it will be packed in a wooden rack and shipped to the destination

12. P2 full-color LED display installation (higher floors or crane assistance required)

13. Exterior decorative edging (aluminum-plastic panel edging is usually used outdoors, and stainless steel decoration is used indoors)

14. Installation, debugging and use of P2 full-color LED display! Completed!

The above is a list of relevant information and cooperation procedures that customers need to provide when purchasing a P2 full-color LED display. I hope it will be helpful to you when you purchase a P2 full-color LED display.

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