How should the daily maintenance of P2 full-color LED display be carried out?

Jul 20,2021| LED Knowledge

In order to maximize the value of the P2 full-color LED display, daily maintenance is indispensable and critical. LED display screens are more and more widely used, just like cars, maintenance should be paid attention to in daily use to maintain product performance. So, do you know any maintenance techniques and measures? Let's learn about it together.

1. P2 full-color LED display repair-unit board does not light up


(1) We often see LED displays of different sizes. If there is a problem with its LED display, you can roughly check it first, and finally find that the unit board does not light up.

(2) Check the power supply first, for example, check whether the unit board is powered. If not, check the circuit and check the circuit with a multimeter. If there is no problem, then it is fine.

(3) If there is still a problem, you can check the data cable. If the surface is damaged or the internal circuit is damaged, you need to replace it with a new one.

(4) If it has not been repaired, it is because the chip 245 is broken. Use a universal meter to check the corresponding pin of the 595 to see if it is powered on. If it is not powered on, it needs to be overhauled again.

Before installing the P2 full-color LED display, carefully check the integrity and availability of various accessories

2. P2 full-color LED display repair-the whole screen does not light up


(1) If the entire screen of the display screen is not bright, first check the power supply of the main control card, and focus on the LED power supply of the control card. If it is damaged, you can replace it with a new one.

(2) If the power supply circuit of the display body is faulty, first check whether there is a problem with the circuit. If there is a problem, you can perform corresponding maintenance.

(3) If it has not been repaired, you can debug the settings of the computer or control card. The focus is on the original data. If the control card itself is damaged, replace it with a new control card.

3. P2 full color LED display repair-font is incomplete


(1) Sometimes when looking at the screen, the screen occasionally can only display part of the font, which is not complete, which affects the user experience.

(2) This is generally a design problem. When the size of the display screen does not match the size of the actual advertising information, readjust the advertising information.

P2 full-color LED display should be inspected regularly for timely maintenance

In addition to the above daily maintenance measures, the most important thing is to improve the awareness of daily maintenance by the users themselves. Only by strengthening the subjective and objective aspects can the use-value of the LED display be greatly improved and maximize the benefits.

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