Where is the better LED manufacturer in the United States?

Jul 21,2021| LED Knowledge

LED displays have been widely used in many places, especially in areas like the United States where technology is developed. It can be seen in commercial supermarkets, TV studios, some large shopping malls, and on the screens indicating traffic on the roadside. If we want to find an LED manufacturer to buy an LED display, where should we buy it? ?

Many people may think of buying locally, but everyone ignores a problem-that is, the LED displays sold in many areas of the United States are not produced by themselves, but purchased from other regions, so the price is doubled, or even It is 2 times.

LED manufacturers provide thoughtful LED display installations for large shopping malls

If we can purchase LED displays from some source manufacturers, the price will naturally drop significantly, and the source manufacturers usually include integrated services, such as installation and debugging, which are very headaches for many customers. It can be easily solved by purchasing from the source manufacturer.

Because the source manufacturer is equipped with a professional service team that can remotely guide the installation and debugging process, so if you encounter problems when you buy it back, you can easily solve it.

So, where do you find a source manufacturer like this?

Like many of our famous large-scale LED displays, most are from Shenzhen, China. There are many excellent LED manufacturers gathered here, including Shenzhen JYLED.

LED manufacturer JYLED is making LED displays

JYLED is a professional LED display manufacturer with 10 Years' experience in producing and developing LED display, and the LED Control Systems are CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHs approved. For all LED Display products we provide 3 years warranty and 5% spare parts. JYLED has strictly LED display quality control management, for example, we equip high-quality LED chips, driving IC, LED modules and LED cabinets with our LED display panels to achieve the best effects for LED Screens and LED Display control system solutions.

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