Which LED manufacturers in Japan need easier maintenance for their products?

Jul 21,2021| LED Knowledge

Under the influence of the technological trend, Japanese LED manufacturers have gradually grown larger and quickly merged into this tide. However, because Japan is an island country and has limited voluntariness, its LED display industry cannot develop rapidly to a certain extent. This has led to the sluggishness of Japanese LED manufacturers and the recession of the LED display industry. So, what should we do if a large number of LED display products are needed in Japan?

LED manufacturers tailor an LED display to customer needs

As Japan is close to China, a vast country, its demand has to rely on the Asian market. In China, the LED industry is rising like the sun, with huge potential. There are many LED manufacturers in China, and each is a team with huge development potential. Among them, Shenzhen JYLED is a potential dark horse.JYLED is an Independent Brand for LED Displays, We have our own led display factory with a manufacturing and office area of 8,000 ㎡. Its headquarter is located in Shenzhen and registered under the full name Shenzhen JYLED Co., Ltd. JYLED Team have focused on developing and manufacturing LED Display Screen, and specialized in One-Stop LED Display Solutions for more than 10 Years. 

The LED display produced by the LED manufacturer needs to pass a large number of tests

We provide Full Solutions for Novastar, Linsn, Colorlight, Xixun, Huidu LED Control Systems.JYLED also is a professional LED display manufacturer with 10 Years 'experience in producing and developing LED displays, and the LED Control Systems are CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHS approved. For all LED Display products we provide 3 years warranty and 5% spare parts. JYLED has strictly LED display quality control management, for example, we equip high-quality LED chips, driving IC, LED modules and LED cabinets with our LED display panels to achieve the best effects for LED Screens and LED Display control system solutions.

I believe that in Shenzhen JYLED you can find the most suitable LED display products for your needs, quickly enter the company's homepage and have a look!

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