What is the price/performance ratio of LED supply chain manufacturers' products in the United States?

Jul 21,2021| LED Knowledge

Since its inception, the LED display has changed with each passing day and strives for perfection, making the display colorful and dazzling. The front has a display function, and the back needs to highlight art. LED display screens have been favored in various fields, whether it is used by government agencies for publicity, or the advertising motives of advertisers, or creative display screens that change people’s aesthetic fatigue, or stage screens to present a visual feast to the audience. LED displays are indispensable. In the United States, LED supply chain manufacturers have shown a trend of decline amidst huge market competition. Therefore, they have set their development goals to China.

LED supply chain manufacturers-Shenzhen JYLED's products have super high cost performance

China’s LED supply chain can already be said to be the most complete in the world. Not only that, compared to other countries at the same level, the price of labor is relatively low. Therefore, the long-term development of the LED display industry in China The interests of the people are very optimistic.

In China, LED supply chain manufacturers are large and small, large are state-owned enterprises, and small are private enterprises. No matter your budget, you can always find LED display products that best suit your needs in China. Speaking of the types of products, I have to mention the Shenzhen JYLED company in small and medium-sized enterprises, because it not only has a complete LED supply chain, but also is a rare and cost-effective. Here, you can buy a LED display screen with high quality.

LED supply chain manufacturer-Shenzhen JYLED's products are welcomed by many high-end venues

With extensive product ranges, JYLED can produce and sell various LED products including UHD Small Pixel LED Display, Rental LED Display, Fixed LED display, Outdoor LED display, Indoor LED display, Creative LED Display, Sports Perimeter LED Display, Advertising LED Display , Frontal Service LED Display, etc. The applications can be varied such as commercial plazas, stadiums, shopping centers and transportation facilities.

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