How do LED production and maintenance manufacturers conduct maintenance?

Jul 21,2021| LED Knowledge

LED display screens have slowly integrated into people's lives. We can see LED display screens in shopping malls, shop windows, concerts, auto shows and other scenes. The LED display can not only play brilliant and colorful pictures but also can be combined with the application environment to show a perfect display effect. LED display screen is also a kind of electronic product. It will also produce some wear and tear during use, and it needs regular inspection and maintenance by technicians. Speaking of maintenance, do you know how LED production and maintenance manufacturers in Japan carry out maintenance?

First of all, I should say that the maintenance of the LED display includes two parts, one is the front maintenance and the other is the rear maintenance. So, do you know the difference between the two maintenance?

Regular maintenance of LED display by LED production and maintenance manufacturers

Before understanding the difference between these two maintenance methods, we must first understand that the choice of maintenance methods is inseparable from the installation method of the LED display. The installation methods of LED display screens are mainly divided into wall-mounted installation, inlaid installation, roof-mounted installation, column-mounted installation and so on.

Front maintenance: The biggest feature of this maintenance method is to save space. For indoor or inlaid installation structures, the space is extremely expensive, so there will not be too many places as maintenance channels. Therefore, the front maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED display screen structure, which can not only integrate well with the surrounding building environment but also save space while ensuring the effect. However, this structure has very high requirements on the heat dissipation function of the device. If the LED display adopts this kind of maintenance method, the heat dissipation function of that kind of equipment is very good. Japan is an island country with limited space available. Therefore, most of the LED displays in Japan require pre-maintenance to save space.

Post-maintenance: The biggest advantage of post-maintenance is its convenience. It is suitable for large-scale outdoor LED displays, roof-mounted, wall-mounted, and column-mounted, and is convenient and efficient for inspection and maintenance. For those large LED displays installed on the exterior walls of buildings, it is easier for maintenance personnel to enter and operate from the rear.

The regular maintenance of LED display by LED production and maintenance manufacturers makes the use of LED display longer

In summary, for different application environments and actual needs, the front maintenance and the rear maintenance need to be used flexibly in order to solve the display failure problem better and faster. Of course, technical support is also needed, and incompatibility and mismatch during operation should be avoided during maintenance.

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