What measures have LED suppliers adopted to increase their market share?

Jul 21,2021| LED Knowledge

The LED display manufacturing industry plays an important role in promoting economic and social development. At present, my country has become the world's most complete LED display manufacturing industry system, the most complete industrial supporting LED display manufacturing country and the most important processing and manufacturing. Industry base. However, from the perspective of the core competitiveness of the LED display manufacturing industry, there are still many shortcomings. Therefore, for LED suppliers, how should they improve their market competitiveness?

LED suppliers improve the technological content of their products through continuous self-innovation

The following are some suggestions for LED suppliers to improve market competitiveness:

1. To accelerate the innovation and development of LED suppliers, including technological innovation, process innovation, product innovation, management innovation, and business model innovation.

2. To accelerate the digital transformation, most enterprises in the traditional LED display field, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, can start with "cloud" and gradually integrate their business functions with the cloud platform to reduce the cost of informatization, promote the integration of data resources, and further improve Production efficiency and management service level.

3. It is to promote green development and integrate the concept of green supply chain throughout the entire production process and product life cycle of LED displays.

4. It is to insist on quality first, always adhere to the bottom line of product quality, establish a good corporate reputation and image of LED suppliers, drive high prices with high quality, and win customers and market competition with first-class quality.

LED suppliers improve the acceptance of the public by implementing the concept of green and environmental protection

5. To strengthen the coordinated development with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, the small and medium-sized enterprises of LED suppliers should devote themselves to growing into a "specialized, special and new" enterprise with a long-term focus on the segmented product areas of the industrial chain and leading production technology or process. Single champion with high market share.

By strengthening the above measures, the market share of LED suppliers can be greatly increased, thereby greatly increasing profits.

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