How are the pole screens produced and maintained by LED manufacturers?

Jul 21,2021| LED Knowledge

The high pole lamp has a wide range of applications, and is generally used in places that require large-area lighting. It is currently a popular lighting product in the outdoor lighting industry. However, since it is used outdoors, it is inevitable that more natural factors will affect it to varying degrees during use. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance during use. So, do you know how to maintain the high pole screen?

LED high pole screen has many functions on the highway

Before installation:
1. Carefully count all components according to the loading and packing list.
2. Check whether the components are damaged, bent or twisted, and whether the zinc layer is damaged.
3. The sign on each rod body indicates the type, order number, and number of sections of the rod body. The weight of the shaft is marked with a colored pen on the inside of the shaft. Check whether the delivery is correct and whether the crane lifting capacity is sufficient.
4. According to the maximum and minimum socket length provided on the drawing, make a mark on the rod body for socket connection.

When installing:
1. Each splicing point provides a socket length, but due to the influence of manufacturing, installation errors and physical factors, there are changes in socket length, so the maximum socket length and the minimum socket length are provided.
2. In order to facilitate installation, it may be necessary to lubricate the mating surface. Be careful not to use lubricating oil to prevent leakage and contamination of the rod body, and soapy water can be used to lubricate the inner and outer surfaces of the sleeve.
3. When socketing, apply necessary force at both ends to obtain a tight socket connection.

After installation:
1. After the lamp is hoisted and positioned, the technician is responsible for the calibration, debugging, wiring and lighting of the high pole lamp. Professional electricians are responsible for the inspection of power supply lines, power transmission and distribution, and handymen are responsible for sorting out construction phenomena.
2. After the lamp is installed and debugged, after the light is normally turned on, the technician will hand over all the technical data of the high-pole lamp to the designated professional, and give detailed instructions on some specific operational problems in the maintenance of the high-pole lamp, and then accept the installation work.

LED high pole screen feeds the status of completion of debugging

Through the above steps, after the high pole screen is installed and debugged, it can be run and used. After that, it needs to be maintained regularly, so that the LED display can be used for a longer time. The maintenance steps for the high pole screen are as follows:

1. Check whether all the ferrous metal parts (including the inner wall of the pole) of the high-pole lamp lighting facilities are hot-dip galvanized and anti-corrosion, and whether the fastener anti-loosening measures meet the requirements.

2. Check the verticality of high-pole lighting facilities. The allowable error of the pole should be less than 3‰ of the height of the pole. The straightness error of the axis of the light pole shall not be greater than 2‰ of the length of the light pole.

3. Check whether the outer surface of the light pole and the welding seam are rusty. For poles that have been used for a long time but cannot be replaced again, when necessary, pole manufacturers should use ultrasonic, magnetic particle testing and other testing methods to detect welds.

4. Check the mechanical strength of the lamp panel to ensure the safe use of the lamp panel, and check the heat dissipation of the closed lamp panel;

5. Check the fastening bolts of the lamp bracket, and adjust the projection direction of the lamp reasonably.

6. Carefully check the use of wires (flexible cables or cords) in the lamp panel, and check whether the wires are subjected to excessive mechanical stress, aging, cracking, bare wires, etc. If there is any unsafe phenomenon, it should be dealt with immediately.

7. Replace and repair damaged light sources, electrical appliances and other parts.

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