How to install the LED display screen accurately and quickly?

Jul 21,2021| LED Knowledge

Because all kinds of high-definition full-color LED displays are used more and more frequently, and the models that can be installed are also enriched. 

On this basis, it naturally drives the frequent use of LED displays. There are really many fields, such as: office, conference room display; securities trading, financial information display; sports stadium information display; business promotion and information display in service areas such as shopping malls, large shopping plazas, and building exteriors. 

So in order to use it normally, the installation method is very important. Let's take a look at the specific installation introduction.

Installing the LED display is an orderly work

1. Measure the appropriate size:

At present, there are many choices of full-color LED displays that can be installed and used, and different models have different effects. The installation method of full-color LED displays must first measure the size to be installed. The size will affect the subsequent operation. Will affect the production of the border.

2. Make a suitable frame:

In the installation method of full-color LED display, the important thing is to install and make the frame, because the frame is to directly carry the basis of the display for use, so after measuring the appropriate size, the production of the frame is not necessary. Make a suitable frame directly according to the size, so that you can better put down various parts.

3. Install in order:

When it comes to the installation method of full-color LED display, the important thing is to install various components. The power supply, control card, and modules must be installed. This is very important, and it will directly affect whether it can be started normally. use.

Installation of LED display requires professional guidance and arrangement

The order of installation is as follows:

1. Frame splicing;

2. Fixed unit board;

3. Connect the flat cable and the upper and lower power cables;

4. Fixed power supply and control card;

5. The control card is connected with the unit board cable;

If you still have unclear partners after reading the above LED display installation introduction, you can directly consult our customer service, and you will get the fastest and most accurate response.

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