What is the LED display in cultural and sports venues?

Jul 21,2021| LED Knowledge

LED displays in cultural and sports venues are widely used in stadiums (such as football stadiums, basketball stadiums, volleyball stadiums, baseball stadiums, racing stadiums, football stadiums, softball stadiums, ice stadiums, handball stadiums, rugby stadiums, etc.), schools, parks, museums, Exhibition Center and other cultural and sports venues. Have you ever paid attention to the LED display next to you? The LED display screens of cultural and sports venues are in our sports venues.

The LED display in the cultural and sports venues serves as the scene An important way to watch the game

Features of LED display in cultural and sports venues:

1. The redundant design of the entire control system ensures the normal operation of the display screen to the maximum extent.

2. High refresh rate, high grayscale, low brightness and high gray, to meet the requirements of live shooting on different occasions, effectively avoiding straightness.

3. Black lines and flicker during broadcasting.

4. The display screen has a large viewing angle and a wider audience.

5. Equipped with professional control equipment and control software, easy to operate.

6. Equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, supporting multiple signal processing and switching.

7. One key to adjust the brightness, and the display can be adjusted according to the brightness of each part of the display.

The LED display in the cultural and sports venues is used to watch the horse race

The development trend of LED display in cultural and sports venues:

The LED display industry is one of the strategic emerging industries supported by the state, and its future development prospects are extremely broad. LED display screens in cultural and sports venues will continue to develop in the direction of higher resolution, higher refresh rate, and better display effects, and the global industry concentration will become more and more concentrated in China.

Now, more and more people are concerned about the health of themselves and their family and friends. They are paying more and more attention to sports. More people move from home to sports venues to exercise. Therefore, the contemporary problem of advertising LED displays to appear in front of people more and more frequently, as long as you observe the activities around you, the LED displays can be seen everywhere.

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