Why are you not so keen on LED displays in the US market?

Jul 22,2021| LED Knowledge

The LED display is a flat panel display integrating microelectronics, computer technology, and information processing. It has the advantages of color, wide dynamic, high brightness, long life, and a reliable workstation. With the continuous development and improvement of LED technology, indoor LED displays, especially small-pitch products, are compliant with market demand and energy saving with their seamless splicing, low brightness and high gray, high refresh rate, ultra-high-definition, low energy consumption, long life, etc. 

The fruits displayed on the LED display are very attractive

The characteristics of economic development advantages have been widely used in electric power production dispatch control center, military command and control center, urban management emergency command center, traffic management command center, industrial process control display system, radio and television display and monitoring system, shopping malls, hotels, Communication information display system, financial securities information display system, government enterprise multimedia video conference display system, mining safety production monitoring system, urban environment monitoring command system, fire control, meteorology, maritime flood control command system, airport, subway flight display, safety monitoring system, etc. A wide range of fields.

LED displays in large shopping malls are very attractive to display goods

The LED display can meet the needs of most customers in the United States for their own business and sales, mainly because the LED display has the following functions:

1. The LED display can play a role in publicity. Such as celebrating major festivals, and when superior leaders or various guests visit or inspect, they can play guidance and welcome words on the LED display.

2. The role of popularizing knowledge can be used to play the role of related industry knowledge related to the company's product information, product promotion videos, etc.

3. The role of the announcement committee is to promote the spread of recruitment information.

4. It also plays a role in lighting, but the light is not very strong.

5. Play the role of shop decoration and improve the level of the enterprise.

6. Discount promotion to obtain promotion goods and attract customers.

Now that the competition in the US market is becoming more and more fierce, every operator is looking for a way to make a fortune. When they see the role of LED display, they are enthusiastic about it, believing that they can bring it to their own business nice influence.

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