Can LCD splicing screens be bought from the manufacturers that produce the screens?

Jul 22,2021| LED Knowledge

The source manufacturers of LED displays are responsible for the production of various types of LED displays and act as intermediaries for the production and sales of LED displays. Therefore, if a customer wants to buy an LED display, it will be much cheaper to buy from the source manufacturer of the LED display than from the local LED display seller.

So, when a customer buys an LED display from the source manufacturer of the LED display,

As the source manufacturer, Shenzhen JYLED Company in Shenzhen, China will often contract some large-scale LED display activities

what will the source manufacturer of the LED display provide for the customer?

(1) Site survey

At the installation site of a large LED display, the accuracy of the on-site evaluation will affect the later use of the product. If the evaluation is incorrect, you may encounter various problems in the middle of the installation, such as installation failure, failure to fix, and power supply Incorrect etc.

(Two) plan making

Reasonable LED display solutions will give users a reasonable installation plan from user needs, site conditions, large screen supply chain price conditions, product performance conditions, inventory conditions, construction difficulty, and construction period.

(3) Appraisal of reasonableness

Some LED display screens are large products, which have high transportation costs, are fragile and breakable. For example, if the parameters are incorrectly selected, a suitable installation method is not selected, or a suitable bracket is not customized, it may cause problems in the use of the product, and a reasonable assessment of the actual situation needs to be made.

(4) Reasonable selection of components

For different usage requirements, it is necessary to configure distributors, decoders, splicing control processors, etc. If you don't choose the right one, you can't achieve the desired effect.

(5) Product installation and transportation

The transportation and installation of large products are risky, and the long-term accumulated experience of LCD splicing screen manufacturers can ensure that the risk of damage to the product is minimized whether it is transported or installed. If it is a personal purchase or installation, the risk and cost are extremely high.

(6) Product after-sales

After-sales costs are also part of the product cost, such as whether the after-sales can be carried out nationwide, whether there are professional after-sales technicians, whether the after-sales phone can be connected, whether the products are within the scope of the contract, and whether they can keep their promises and carry out good after-sales.

As the source manufacturer, Shenzhen JYLED Company in Shenzhen, China will rent LED displays to stage event operators at low prices

Customers who provide the above information in good condition will be more helpful to the cooperation. China Shenzhen JYLED is an excellent and professional LED display source company. Cooperation with this company will be a pleasant conversation.

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